Why A Yoga Retreat Is The Vacation You Need

yoga retreat southern spain

A yoga retreat never really crossed my mind before. Sure, I practice yoga and enjoy to travel but for some reason combining the two never seemed like a true option. That is until my wonderful human of a yoga teacher, Hoboken Yogi, told me about a retreat she was hosting in the mountains of Southern Spain. Since that trip, out of all my travels through Europe or even the travels in the United States, I can honestly say my yoga retreat in Southern Spain was the coolest thing I’ve done in my life. And here’s why a yoga retreat just could be the thing you need.

Limited Screen Time

yoga retreat southern spain

On a yoga retreat, it’s recommending that you don’t spend a lot of time on your devices. I pretty much pretended my phone was a video camera to make a travel video (one of my favorite things to do!). Texting was kept to a minimum and there were no TVs in our rooms.

Clean Eating

Most yoga retreats will offer meals and chefs throughout the trip. We had the most amazing and thoughtful chef on our yoga retreat in Southern Spain who made delicious vegan meals and snacks throughout our trip. Our yoga instructor made sure to tell the chef our dietary preferences and we had filling, clean plant-based meals throughout the trip, including desserts (and wine!) with dinner.

An Active Vacation

yoga retreat southern spain

For once, you won’t come home from your travels feeling like you desperately need a workout. In fact, we actually all felt like we had even lost some water weight after this trip. With Hoboken Yogi’s trip, we had a sunrise and sunset yoga class every day. And yes, waking up before the sun on vacation does raise some red flags. But I assure you, the sunrise over European mountain views make your trip. Outside of yoga, you’ll also be sure to stay active in some other ways as well. Included in our retreat was an afternoon hike for two hours, for a 3,000-foot, 360-degree view of Grazamela National Park and El Gastor Lake. If you aren’t up for a full summit, you can always take a hike at your own pace around the yoga retreat grounds.

Endless Ease

Just like I mentioned with my blog post on why you should consider traveling with a tour group, traveling as a part of a yoga retreat is so easy. Working with Hoboken Yogi was a dream and she takes care of you every step of the way. When you go on a yoga retreat you are looking at your instructor to determine the rooms, meals, itinerary, transportation and more. All you need to do yourself is book your flights, and everything else is included in the pricing.

You can also rest assured that a ton of research goes into the retreats. Where we stay, who we partner with, what activities we go on – it has all been vetted by your host. Hoboken Yogi in particular always makes sure to visit the venues, meet the accommodation hosts in-person and spends time in the location with her family first to ensure her retreats are really top-notch!

Yoga Serenity

This may go without saying, but when on a yoga retreat you are fully immersed in that lifestyle. If you are looking for a vacation that will have you returning home feeling refreshed rather than burnt-out, your search ends here. Spending time connecting with your body, breath and nature will have your self-care at the top of its game.

If a yoga retreat might be for you, I highly recommend Hoboken Yogi’s retreats, having taken her retreat in Southern Spain in 2018. She is hosting a retreat in Peru (which is now closed) and a retreat in the French countryside in fall 2019. You can come to her retreats from anywhere in the world (not just Hoboken or the NYC area!).

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat? 

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Why A Yoga Retreat Is The Vacation You Need

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