Lessons From Yoga: Inversions & Changing Perspectives

yoga inversions perspective

Think about your life. Something that might immediately come to mind is your daily routine. Wake up, grab a coffee, do your hair, grab a granola bar, go to work, go to the gym, eat dinner, go to bed. Repeat. and Repeat. and Repeat. and Repeat. While our routines help us establish stability, doing the same thing over and over again can cause you to have the same thought patterns over and over again. A lot of the time we are in our own routines so we don’t think about others. It’s hard to change your perspective when you are spending most of your time in your own head.

Yoga in and of itself will help you open your mind, but inversions in particular will help you change your perspective. An inversion is any pose that puts your heart over your head. You’ll see it all over your Instagram by incredibly talented yogis, but this is really challenging for most people. It takes a ton of focus, balance, core work and strength.

yoga - inversions - perspective
photo by: @stefffy_smith

Being upside down is obviously not the standard for most people. Without yoga, when was the last time you were literally upside down? It literally requires you to change your physical orientation. Through yoga, you are challenged to break your routines and switch things up.

There’s a ton of physical benefits of inversions – getting your blood flowing in the opposite direction is really good for you. A more internal and mental benefit of inversions is that it’s very humbling. You are forced into doing something you wouldn’t usually do. And something that doesn’t come naturally to you. You are going to tumble, fall, get frustrated. You have to completely detach of your ego to even try.

The problems you face in life are typically heightened in your own head. When you are constantly in your own head, thinking about the same problem, it’s hard for you to see it in a new light. But as time goes on that problem, that heartbreak, that embarrassment, that THING that you can’t escape from, it seems to eventually matter less and less. Why is that? Becuase through time, you have new experiences and your thoughts about that THING holds less significance in your life. You start to see things outside of your own head – you have a new perspective of that event in your life that used to be so important.

yoga inversions perspective

Wouldn’t it be great if we could reach that point sooner? Every problem is a lesson to learn and it’s important that you go through that thing in order to grow. But the more you take a look at other perspectives, realize the other important things in life, detach yourself from the situation, the closer you are to being free from it.

When was the last time you took a second to change your perspective?


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