Lessons From Yoga: Clinging & The Art Of Letting Go

lessons from yoga

Why do we feel the need to cling on to things?

Clinging on to the belief that you are right.

Clinging on to someone to assert the solidity of your relationship.

Clinging on to material possessions.

When you’re clinging on to something so tightly, you don’t allow room for anything else to come into your life.

Think about the term “clinging.” You immediately want to tense up when you hear that word. Like you are clinging for dear life. Holding on to something so tightly it’s all you can feel. It takes energy to cling on to something – energy that could be serving you in other ways. If you had unlimited hours in a day, how would you spend them? Wouldn’t you rather put energy into that?

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When you’re spending time grasping at something that’s yours, you’re inherently going to feel more negativity than is there in the first place. When you are clinging on to your beliefs, you are going to immediately feel negatively towards the other person with opposing views.

Your thoughts and energy control and ultimately create your reality. If all your thoughts about a work project, a relationship, a friendship, a marriage are tensed up in an effort to desperately show your ownership, all that negativity is going to come out in your real life. You’ll start to snap at your boyfriend. You’ll start to resent the work project and your coworkers who aren’t helping enough. This negative energy will manifest and worsen the situation.

That’s where faith steps in. When you think about it, what’s making you want to cling on anyway? Do you not trust that it’s actually going to work out? Do you think you can’t handle that project? Do you think your relationship isn’t as strong as it is? Why don’t you trust yourself?

All things will be as they should. When you start to put your faith into that single thought, you put your trust in the Universe. If you can accept that even during hard times, all things will be as they should, there’s no reason to cling on to ideas, relationships, thoughts.

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At the beginning of my yoga classes at Beloved World Yoga, there’s usually a lesson like this. However, this one was really special to me. It was my first class months ago at this new studio in my new hometown right when I moved to Jersey City. I was feeling some type of way to regain control in my life that felt unhinged. I was excited about all these life changes I made, but kind of felt like a small fish in a big pond and spent my time clinging on to things in a way that created more negativity in my life than I needed.

My teacher talked us through the art of trusting in the universe, trusting ourselves. Throughout the class she came back to the message to trust ourselves through every pose, connect to our breath in our vinyasa and trust that all things will be as they should.

A lesson has never resonated with me so much. It was just so true! In fact, it inspired me to start a section on my blog dedicated to sharing the lessons I learn through yoga.

Why do you feel the need to cling on so much? Your clinging won’t ensure the outcome you want. In fact, it’ll likely do the exact opposite.

So let go. Breath. Trust the Universe. All things will be as they should.

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