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Brittany From Boston has some seriously envy-worthy adventures. In between spending the summer in the French Rivera and heading to Morocco, Brittany found the time to talk to me about her experiences quitting her 9:00-5:00 job and traveling full-time. I hope you enjoy reading her insights as much as I did!

All photos were generously provided by Brittany From Boston. For more epic travel photos, head over to her Instagram! 

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to talk to me about your travels and your journey with travel blogging. I can only imagine how busy you are between traveling, your blog and your job working on the yacht! For anyone not aware, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
Hi Erin, thanks for having me here. As a full-time traveler and professional travel blogger, you could say I’m a bit obsessed with travel. It was my dream for a long time to leave my desk job and I finally managed to pull it off, so now I lead a life of adventure and I’m so much happier. I’ve been to 32 countries (passport’s getting a bit full!) and have many more to go. On my travel blog, BrittanyfromBoston.com, I inspire others to travel and have adventures too, by sharing my stories, photos, and travel advice.

What was your life like before you caught the travel bug?
Before starting to travel full-time, I was just like all of you. I had a job that I thought I wanted and I worked hard at it because I had big career goals. I enjoyed living in Boston, having an apartment and friends and a regular schedule to my life. I took my vacation days and went traveling whenever I could, but I was still tethered to a normal lifestyle.


What was the defining moment that led you to leave behind your average 9:00-5:00 world and become a travel blogger? Was this a surprising change for friends and family?
Realizing I wanted to leave my normal life behind and travel around the world instead, was a gradual process that started as a far-flung idea and developed into an undeniable obsession. I was always talking about this and that place I wanted to visit, about all the adventures I wanted to have and all the travel I wanted to do. I would gush about my travels to anyone I could, and devoured others’ stories of travel with immense jealousy and wanderlust. It got to the point where I was so much more interested in travel than I was in staying at home and it was inevitable that I was going to leave. My friends and family totally saw it coming and have been incredibly supportive, I love them.

A lot of people think traveling like this is out of the question for them for various reasons, whether it be a job security, financial restrictions or more. What advice do you have for someone looking to open up their currently lifestyle and add in more travel?
Anyone can travel full-time, but most people won’t. It’s all about priorities. I’m always hearing from people that they wish they could travel more, but they don’t really want it otherwise they would do it. Of course it requires sacrifices to travel full-time, but the way I see it, working at a normal desk job requires sacrificing the whole world. And I just can’t do that. So if you are obsessed with travel and it’s the most important thing for you, then go do it. Anyone can make it work if they really want it.


How would you say traveling has changed your life?
Traveling has changed me in endless ways, not the least of which is that I’m now so much more mature, responsible, independent, and confident. I’ve totally grown into myself. And I have a greater understanding of and respect for different people and cultures around the world. These things all happened organically and without me noticing, but then when I’m back home where nothing has changed, I realize how much I have.

What do you look for in a new place when deciding where to travel to next?
You know you’re obsessed with travel when you have a list a mile long of every destination you’ve ever dreamed of visiting. I’m on a mission to go everywhere in the whole world. So where do I start? Where do I go next? For that, it’s all about being opportunistic. If it’s cheaper to go here, great. If I can tick off a couple of places over there since they’re near each other, I’ll do it. Only problem is, every time I check a destination off the list I manage to add at least two more to it!


What was your most memorable travel adventure so far?
I was in the midst of my month of hiking through Patagonia (the southernmost region of South America that is just mountains and glaciers and wilderness), and I found myself in a pickle because I needed to get from Punta Arenas, Chile to Ushuaia, Argentina and there were no buses to be had. I ended up having to hitchhike across that distance, which scared me to death. But I was delightfully surprised to have so many kind people help me get to my destination safely. I was just overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. It wasn’t an experience I planned on but it will always stay with me.

I know you love your hometown of Boston. What makes it stand out among other cities you’ve visited?
To me, Boston has it all! It is the oldest and most historic city in the US, it has a ton of colleges and all the academic excitement that goes along with it, it has several champion sports teams, it has a lot of beautiful waterfront and parks, great arts and culture. And best of all, it’s a manageable size so that you can walk everywhere, know your neighbors, and enjoy the whole city without being overwhelmed. It’s just endlessly beautiful and charming and entertaining, and I urge everyone to come visit!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
If only I knew the answer to that question…I barely know what I’m doing in the next week or month! But in reality I do hope that in five years time I have developed my blog into a bigger business with several related business ventures branching out from it, and that I still spend most of my time traveling. If I can pull that off, I’ll be happy.


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Happy Travels! 

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  • What an interesting interview! I always love hearing more from fellow travelers and can totally relate to putting down MORE destinations on my travel list, even after a big trip. It’s inspiring that she was able to make her dream of traveling full-time come true.

  • I really like your point about priorities – for some people, leaving everything behind is so easy! For others, not so much. Also different times in life work for different people as well!

  • Love this blog post! Photos are amazing and her answers are totally relatable. Love the part when she said “realizing I wanted to leave my normal life behind and travel around the world instead, was a gradual process that started as a far-flung idea and developed into an undeniable obsession.” So good!


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