What To Pack When Visiting Italy In The Spring

packing for italy in the spring

Spring is both a good and bad time to visit Italy. It’s not the busiest time of the year, which is a huge plus when picking dates to travel. But wth springtime sunshine comes springtime showers and chilly nights which can make figuring out what to pack when visiting Italy in the spring time a hard feat.

Not to mention, Italy has a ton of ancient churches and sacred locations you’ll want to visit, but there are strict dress codes. Most of these places require you to cover up your knees and shoulders before entering as a sign of respect. Completely understandable, but it certainly does not help when deciding exactly what to pack when visiting Italy.

More than just clothes – there is a lot to consider when packing for a trip to Europe. You’ll want to avoid having to buy anything you forgot. You need to consider specific toiletries, electronics to other essentials that can make or break your springtime trip to Italy.

A Full Guide Of What To Pack When Visiting Italy In The Spring

  1. Pack Outfits With Layers. Like I said, the Italian days will be hot but the evenings can get cold. While a lot of those churches you’ll want to visit have dress codes, I recommend packing long pants, cardigans/kimonos and cute undershirts for the days you want to visit churches. That way, in between visits you can take off the outer layer and bask in the sun in your tank top or blouse when you’re outside.
  2. Practical Shoes. The Italian are known for their great fashion sense, but also for their thousand-year-old cobble stone roads and marble staircases. Be sure you have comfortable shoes that you can do some serious trekking in.
  3. Rain wear. You don’t want to be thousands of miles away without your rain gear. Bring a light rain jacket and even a small umbrella with you in case the forecast takes a turn while you are there.
  4. Chargers, chargers & more chargers. You do not want to have to buy unnecessary items like electronics chargers should you forget them. Be sure you have your A.) phone charger, B.) camera charger, C.) tablet charger, D.) laptop charger… Make a list of all the electronics you are packing and be sure you have the corresponding charger before you leave.
  5. Outlet adapters & converters. This part gets tricky. Take a look at the devices you’ll need to plug in (phone chargers, camera chargers, hair dryers & straighteners) and figure out which you’ll need. In Italy, all of our hotels had hair dryers in them. I’d check with your hotel, because chances are you’ll fry your hair dryer if you try and use it there anyway.
  6. Sunscreen. That Italian sun can be a scorcher. I’ll leave the lecture on how dangerous sunburn can be to your mom, so I’ll just remind you you don’t want to look like a lobster in all your vacay pictures.
  7. Mosquito Spray. Things I didn’t know until now: Mosquitoes are apparently (excuse my French) a bitch in Italy. (Hi Tiger Mosquito. I won’t bite you if you don’t bite me. K thanks.)
  8. Luggage lock. I’m a perpetual optimist and want to believe everyone is an awesome person, but the reality is petty theft is common in Italy. A luggage lock is a good idea for your luggage in the hotel and during transportation. Also, you should divvy up where you are keeping your money and credit cards. If you want to be super prepared (and also kind of ninja like), keep a smaller amount of cash and a credit card in a decoy wallet you don’t like. If you get pick-pocketed, you won’t lose as much.
  9. Comfy bag for day trips. What do you mean a comfy bag, Erin? Well have you ever had a bag on your shoulder for a day trip and your neck and back are in tremendous pain at the end of the day? Because I have. This time around, I took a smaller, cute backpack with me for when I was out and about (which was always).
  10. Photo accessories. You know I am ALL about taking photos. I brought my Nikon D3400 SLR camera with me of course, but I also brought a Polaroid Snap Touch with me for fun instant photos to stick right into my trip-journal. (I’ll share a post on this once its done).
  11. Journal. Hey, flawless transition. I brought a journal to jot down memories from the trip and fun facts I learned at each location. I’ve been to Europe twice now and I KNOW those travel guides gave me a ton of info. What do I remember, you ask? *crickets*
  12. Medicine. Any physical ailments you usually have? Headaches, migraines, allergies, motion sickness, stomach ache, dry eyes… Be sure you are prepared for any illness you may have while there. You want to be sure nothing stands in your way for an awesome time.
  13. Hand sanitizer & tissues. For those restrooms that are lacking. You know just what I mean.

Hope this guide helps when starting to pack for your Italy trip.

What’s on your Italy packing list?

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what to pack when visiting Italy in the spring

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