18 Weird Things No One Tells You About Italy


What’s more glamorous than an Italian getaway? Thinking of authentic Tuscan wine and pasta, gorgeous Venitian canals, and endless Roman history will keep you up daydreaming for hours. But what people don’t tell you about Italy can be just as thought-provoking. When visiting Italy, you think of all the basics, like what to pack, where to go, how much money to bring…

But what is it that no one ever tells you about visiting Italy?

18 Weird Things No One Tells You About Italy

  1. The toilets are weird. And a bit unsettling, but you get used to it.
  2. Don’t expect irons in your hotel room. They usually aren’t any.
  3. Same with hair dryers. BYOHD.
  4. People try to sell you stuff. Like, super touristy stuff. People were at every stop trying to push their selfie sticks on me. I always thought New York was bad when it came to peddlers, but Italians > New Yorkers when it comes to trying to get you to buy their stuff. Just don’t make eye contact.
  5. Don’t fall for “authentic made in Italy” items. If it’s cheap enough for you to buy it on the side of the road, it’s not actually made in Italy.
  6. Traffic is baaaad. Another category I thought New York would prevail in, Rome outweighed us. If you’re visiting Rome and traveling by car, be sure to factor in a lot of traffic time, even during off-hours.
  7. Cars are not always an option, though. Like, in Venice for example. There are no cars on the islands of Venice, aside from Lido where they only have one boat that brings cars to the island.
    18 weird things about italy no one told you - venice
  8. Laundry is a problem for Italian islands. Many hotels in Venice have a laundry service that gets sent out.
  9. Tipping can be rude. In Italy, and a lot of Europe, you don’t need to tip when you go out to restaurants. In fact, it can be considered rude in some places.
  10. A lot of men still live with their parents. One-third of single guys from 30 – 35 still live with their parents.
  11. You’ll need your shades. It seems like the sun never stops shining in Italy. Bring your sunglasses every day unless you want to squint your way through the country.
  12. Dinner is late. Many restaurants open later in the evening, starting at 7 PM. While many tourist attractions break the norms, don’t be surprised if you can’t find a place to eat at 5:00.
  13. Dinner is slow. What’s the rush? Italian servers and restaurants take their time. If you are in a hurry be sure to tell your waiter.
    18 weird things about italy no one told you - caffe
  14. Caffeine for everyone. Cappuccinos and espressos are everywhere, but if you pay more than 1.50 Euros, you are probably getting ripped off.
  15. Nutella is everywhere. But peanut butter is nowhere to be found.
  16. Everyone Airs Their Dirty Laundry. Or rather, their clean laundry. Turns out electricity is extremely expensive, so most residents don’t use a dryer and instead dry their clothes on a line outside.
  17. Cover up. In the summer it gets super hot. But that’s no exception to this rule. Make sure you check every museum’s dress code prior to going. You need to have your shoulders and knees covered at some of the more religious sites.
  18. The policia ride dirty. Many of the Roman police ride in Lamborghinis(I wonder how many boys join the academy for this reason…)

What surprised you about Italy?

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18 Weird Things About Italy

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