Tips For Traveling Abroad With Your Parents

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You can find countless articles online about why you should travel solo or even discussions on whether or not travel tour groups are the way to go. But there’s a lot to gain when it comes to traveling with your parents. Specifically, as a young adult. It’s so important to carve out time for your parents as you start to grow into your own life in these early years. It’s tempting to call your boyfriend or your group of friends up with a trip proposition, but traveling with your parents presents a great opportunity to reconnect.

First, consider this as a major bonding opportunity. You’ll realize quickly after you move out how much time you actually spent chatting with parents that you didn’t even notice. You start to notice you miss those little moments that you used to catch up with them while waiting for your coffee to brew in the morning. Traveling together is an opportunity to reconnect and experience something new together.

As a young adult, it’s also nice to be able to contribute back to your parents to make up for all they sacrificed for you throughout the years. I don’t mean financially necessarily, but it’s a really good feeling to help enrich your parents’ lives in ways that they may not have if you didn’t push them. (Would my mom have gone to Italy and Greece without me?)

No matter how close you are to your parents, it is never an easy task to travel with them. People have different travel styles and different ideas for what they want the trip to be. So how can you reap all the benefits of traveling with your parents without driving each other completely crazy?

5 Tips For Traveling With Your Parents

  1. Discuss expectations before you get there. Are you looking to take every adventure offered to you while traveling? Make sure your parent knows prior to arriving. If they are looking for a relaxing trip and you are looking for an adventurous trip, make sure your parent knows there might be occasions where you take on activities solo while they hang back and relax.

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  2. Don’t let technology get you down. If you really want to test your patience, go abroad without an international plan with a parent who doesn’t quite grasp WiFi. Remember to keep your cool and that your parents didn’t grow up with the tech we have now. Take time each morning to make sure your parents’ phones and devices are charged, connected correctly and ready to go so you can avoid technical difficulties during your travels.

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  3. Make sure to spend some time apart. If your mom wants to see a museum and you want to go to a park, it’s okay to spend an afternoon separately. Before the trip, just set this expectation with your parents before you go.

  4. I think this goes for traveling with ANYONE – or really just life in general. Choose your battles. Not everything requires your two cents. Put any family drama on hold and keep it away throughout your trip. Know when to just give it up or give in.

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  5. Make sure you also encourage new friendships during your trip. It can be hard to meet new people when you are traveling with a buddy, whether family or not. Make sure you branch out of your own clique. Not only is it of course to meet new people from around the world, but it is also very helpful when your parents have another friend to chit chat with at dinner if you want to hit the hay early (or vice versa!).


Have you had a life-changing trip with your parents?

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