8 Sneaky Ways to Drink More Water Every Day

IMG_4086It’s no secret that staying hydrated is important to your overall health. My day is significantly worse if I don’t stay hydrated. I get really bad headaches and become super irritated, which in turn puts everyone around me at risk of sassy comments and eye rolls.

If you don’t stay hydrated throughout the day,  you’re putting yourself at risk for some harsh side effects. Dehydration can lead to cramps, dry skin, food cravings, and even bad breath (ew). If you want to find out more about how you could be dehydrated and not even realize it, check out this link.

Here are some sneaky little tricks to help you incorporate more water in your day.

1. Don’t eat a meal without drinking a glass of water first. Before you take a bite of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner make it a priority to finish up a full glass of water before starting. Making this a habit is an easy way to up your daily water intake.

2. Add fruit to your water. Lemon, strawberry, mint, cucumber, lime… Flavor your water with your favorite fruits. You can find tons of great recipes for detox water if you want to take it a  step further. But simply adding fruit to your water can give it a flavor you won’t what to put down.

3. Drink it out of a straw. I’m not alone when I say it’s easier to drink more quickly when drinking out of a straw. Use this strategy for more than your Friday nights out. Put a straw in your water to help guzzle it down more quickly.

4. Get a sassy water bottle. You’ll want to keep filling up your water bottle all day long if you want to show it off. There’s tons of different kinds of water bottles that you’ll love. From different prints to funny sayings, you’ll be reaching for the bottle all day.

I like the way you work it

5. Make it a challenge. Make it a competition between you and your friends. Log your water intake throughout the week and at the end of the week, the loser buys coffee at Sunday brunch.

6. Create your own. You can make your own water bottle and mark off specific goals for how much you want to drink by what time. You can get creative and motivate yourself to finish your water bottle.


7. Log it on an app. There’s tons of great, free apps that help you track your water intake. I love my FitBit app that allows me to log how much water I’ve drank throughout the day. The closer you get to your goal, the more you’ll be motivated to fill up another glass until you reach it.

8. Think of your budget. Ordering water instead of soda or alcohol will lower your bill on nights out significantly. Making the switch from sugary beverages to water will not only help you get your water intake up, but will help keep the cost of your bill down.


What’s your daily water goal? How do you reach it?

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