35 Things You Need To Thank Your Best Friend For

What would you do without your best friend? She just gets you, ya know? It’s time to let her know just how grateful you are that she’s a part of your life. So here it goes, 35 things you probably haven’t thanked your best friend for, but definitely should have:


  1. For supporting you even when you’re wrong
  2. For telling you the truth
  3. For not minding when you want to get half the nachos without meat
  4. For all the clothes you’ve borrowed
  5. For not being mad when you “accidentally” forget to give them back
  6. For not minding when she has 100+ notifications from the group text
  7. For letting you sleep on her shoulder on the plane
  8. For remembering all your inside jokes
  9. For that time she drove two hours to surprise you with two pints of Ben & Jerry’s after you called her crying
  10. For sacrificing her own bed for your comfortfriendsthanks
  11. For laughing at and with you at every opportunity
  12. For always being down for half apps (even though you’re “too old” for that apparently)
  13. For helping you decide on an outfit even from miles away
  14. For knowing what to say when you need encouragement
  15. For picking pictures you both look flattering in 
  16. For always inserting the best movie quotes into the most opportune situations
  17. For putting you in line when you need it
  18. For being the co-author of all your texts
  19. For not judging you for all the crazy stuff you say, but agreeing with you instead
  20. For feeling your happiness with you in all your exciting moments

  21. And for putting you back together in your worst moments
  22. For approving all your photos before you post them
  23. For sharing dog pictures, funny videos and ridiculous memes with you any chance she gets
  24. For accepting that you’ll call her well over ten times in a row until she answers
  25. For talking you through each time you were “totally done”
  26. For letting you call her when you’re walking alone at night
  27. And for when you’re about to walk past someone you don’t want to talk to
  28. For running all your stupid errands with you and making them fun
  29. For teaching you that cappuccinos are way better than coffees
  30. For dragging you out when you don’t feel like going
  31. For staying in with you on the bad days
  32. For not posting the most embarrassing pictures she has of you
  33. For agreeing that there is always enough room for dessert
  34. For being your stylist, makeup artist, life coach, motivation buddy, etc.
  35. For the undeniable feeling that no matter what happens in life, you’re never alone.


Have you thanked your friends lately?

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