4 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Summer Vacation To Corolla Now

summer vacation to corolla

Sad to say the summer has come to an end. As beaches turn to pumpkin patches and unicorn frappaccinos turn to pumpkin spiced lattes, we’ll start to look towards fall activities and dreamy, snow-topped destinations. But while you’re looking forward to winter fun and warm sweaters, now is the time to book your next summer vacation. If you look for a relaxed summer stay that makes you feel at home as soon as you see the “Welcome To…” sign, look no further than Corolla Beach in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Why You Need To Book Your Trip To Corolla Right Now

  1. You deserve a break… AND something to look forward to

    I know it’s incredibly hard to unplug. I’m always answering emails and posting to my blog’s Instagram or Twitter accounts. And it’s true, I love a good adventure as much as the next gal. But something about the relaxed vibe of Corolla Beach really helps you unwind, unplug and thoroughly enjoy the moment. From lounging on the beach to walking along the cost during sunset, you enter a summertime-trance when you’re in Corolla. I always find it helpful to have a trip booked plenty in advance, so all those late nights and extra shifts have a purpose. Plus, when you return from vacation, you’ll feel fully recharged after leaving the hustle and bustle behind for the serene beaches of Corolla.

    summer vacation to corolla

  2. There’s something for everyone in Corolla

    Taking a vacation with a family member or friend who is not a huge fan of the beach? There’s still plenty to do throughout town. You can go to the Timbuck II shopping center to pick up some souvenirs or find some authentic beach threads and treasures. With over 60 stores in this plaza alone, you can shop for things like hand-crafted stone jewelry, gemstones, fudge and sweets, and resort wear. Not to mention, there’s plenty of options for mini-golf, ice cream cones and even visiting some of the different lighthouses around.

    summer vacation to corolla

  3. Adventure isn’t far behind

    Want to add some thrill to your relaxing vacation? There are plenty of options for that. Last year I wrote about my first summer vacation to Corolla and the outstanding off-road horse tour adventure and renting wave runners in Corolla Beach. This year, we opted for parasailing and *literally* got to see the island from a whole new perspective. The guys who took us out were incredibly friendly and outgoing and were determined to make sure everyone on the boat had an outstanding experience. There are tons of options for people of all ages in and around the Corolla area to add some adventure to your trip.

    summer vacation to corolla

  4. It’s time to float your troubles away at the pool

    Both years we rented houses in the Villas at Corolla Bay, most of which had a pool at the house. There’s even a community pool in the center if your house doesn’t have one to itself. If you want to dip your toes in before dinner or take a mid-day beach break. you can walk just a few minutes back to your house and float all your troubles away poolside. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to spend your summer?

    summer vacation to corolla

Where are you booking your summer vacations for next year? 

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summer vacation to corolla

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