Snowy Day Run


Does anyone else feel like there’s going to never not be snow on the ground for the rest of our lives? It seems like this is the never ending winter filled with delays and cancellations. It’s starting to take a toll on my half marathon training.

Running on the treadmill for too long hurts my knees after a while, so I really like being able to get outside and run. I went back to my hometown this weekend to see my mom before leaving for Mexico in a week (eep!). In the time I was home I was able to take a run through my snowy hometown neighborhood.


It was a short run day for me, only four miles and it took me about 45 minutes. It’s nice to get outside to run since it gives me the challenge of dealing with the brisk winter air and uneven terrain. Going up and down hills throughout town help me build up my endurance, and the next night on my home, 20 year old treadmill I was able to run 8 miles while watching the season premier of Once Upon a Time.

Being able to get outside to run before the next snowstorm was a great and refreshing way to mix up my runs and give my knees a break!

How do you keep up your running habits in the winter weather? Comment your tips below!


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