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Brunch Series SER Arlington Virigina

I’m fortunate to be able to frequent the Washington D.C. area – and that extends into the quaint Arlington, Virginia just minutes from the nation’s capital. I’m a little bit less fortunate when it comes to the food availability department – as whenever I stay there I wake up ready for a breakfast spread and my boyfriend’s empty refrigerator. That’s why I’m so happy we found SER in the Ballston area of Arlington.

Brunch SER Arlington Virginia

It is so vibey and has an aesthetic to die for – and let’s be honest, that is just as important as the food. In the warm weather, you can sit outside on the patio and soak up the sunshine, but the indoor seating is just as, if not even more, pleasant. 

The food itself is Spanish inspired from all areas of Spain. SER takes the traditional cuisine and adds their own flair to each of their dishes. Something I particularly love about the brunch menu is the gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options – all clearly labeled on the menu. This makes ordering such a breeze and is a happy medium for all your friend groups with specific tastes. You can find the classics like Eggs Benedict and BLTs, but also Tortilla Eapañolas and Gambas y Semola, a spicy and garlicky shrimp dish. And of course, amazing avocado toast, the bar of which all my brunch places are scored upon.

Brunch SER Arlington Virginia

If you are spending time in and around Washington D.C., this spot in beautiful Arlington, Virginia is the perfect spot to find your new favorite brunch dish. Not to mention, they have a great tea and coffee selection, as well as happy hour and brunch drink specials. This is not your average brunch spot – SER even hosts class cooking classes for parties and 3-course Sunday suppers.

Where is your favorite brunch spot in the D.C. area?

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Best of Brunch Ser Restaurant Arlington VA

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