Running Recap: Pile On The Miles


One of the downsides of the weather getting colder is that there are less and less races to sign up for to keep me motivated. As great as my running partners (puppies) are, I luckily came across the Pile On The Miles challenge from Run Eat Repeat!

Everyone who participated picked their own goal for the month of November: how many miles they want to run, how many days they wanted to run, going for a daily walk… the challenge included everyone of all fitness levels. Every Sunday there was a check-in with the opportunity to win some pretty great prizes. I didn’t win any prizes, but I was thrilled that I reached my goal.

I’m especially excited because I have officially registered for a half marathon in March. What makes it even MORE exciting is that it’s in Napa Valley! So, I will soon be booking my flight to California for the second time within a year!

Getting another chance to head across the country to California is amazing and having a half marathon goal back in my life has me so ready to conquer my running goals.

Although Monica of Run Eat Repeat won’t be hosting another Pile on the Miles this month, she is hosting a December fitness challenge. If you’re interested, head over to her page!

For me, I’m upping my goal to completing 50 miles this month, as I head out of the “pre-training” stage. I’ve been using the Run Trainer app on my phone to schedule my runs and log when I’ve completed them. My weekly goals are to run three times a week with one day dedicated to an hour or more of cardio. Hopefully the holidays, and my upcoming trip to Vermont(!), don’t back up my goals too much, but I’m very optimistic.

Napa Valley Half Marathon here I come! 

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