Most Romantic Travel Destinations To Visit This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend a little extra time and effort showing your loved one how much you care about them. For some, that means a date night out in town with a movie, dinner and a little blue box wrapped with a preppy white bow. However, for those with a more adventurous spirit, Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to escape reality with your significant other and explore new places. From romantic city strolls to lounging in paradise near blue waters, 12 of my favorite travel bloggers shared with me the most romantic travel destinations around the world. From Africa to Italy to Indonesia, check out some of the best places to visit for Valentine’s Day this year.

12 of the Most Romanic Travel Destinations Around the World

 Prague, Czech Republic

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“Whether solo or coupled (I was there solo) it’s remained in my memory as one of the most romantic places to visit. Grab a warm drink and walk around Old Town Square, with its famous astronomical clock – you may even see a couple getting married at City Hall right next door. Take a romantic walk along the Charles Bridge or take some time to explore the meandering walkways at Prague Castle.”
– Mikkel Paige, Sometimes Home 

Zanzibar, Africa

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“I visited Zanzibar with a friend and we both joked that we were each others date on this romantic location. It has all the elements for the perfect romantic getaway. You can go snorkeling, kitesurfing or explore the historic streets of the town. If you’re looking for the perfect date, having dinner on a white sandy beach while overlooking the ocean comes pretty damn close. If it’s the most amazing seafood restaurant that sits on a rock in the ocean it’s even better than perfect. So if you go make sure to visit ‘The rock’. This was one of my favorite spots on the island despite the fact I didn’t have a romantic date ;)”
– Romy Oomen, Brunette at Sunset 

Boracay Island, Philippines

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“There are many places in this world that could be romantic. But being on the highest hill with a great beach surrounding is truly one of a kind and undeniably amazing. Caipirinha Villa located on Boracay Island in the Philippines will provide you exactly what you’re looking for. Bring your date, enjoy the night, grab a drink, indulge in the jacuzzi, swim under the stars, and enjoy the grandest infinity pool in the island.”
– Jerny Destacamento, The Jerny – Travel and Inspirations

Graz, Austria

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“While Graz, Austria is primarily not considered as a romantic destination, it can surprise you! Although, it is not quite as famous as the capital Vienna, it works perfectly for your romantic holiday. Graz is filled with a number of narrow streets to wander, hidden courtyards, colourful historical facades and cozy cafés behind them. Make sure to climb the hill up to the the symbolical clock-tower to marvel at the beautiful red roofs.”
– Andrea Schejbalová, Urban Twists

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

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“Aitutaki is a remote island in the Cook Islands and would be a perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day. You’ll be far removed from the world and with only the pure white sand and palm trees as company you’ll feel like you’re the only 2 people in the world that matter. If relaxing is what the day calls for then hammocks abound, or if adventure is your thing there is plenty to see under the water too.”
– Luke Marlin, Backstreet Nomad

HoiAn, Vietnam

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“There is very good reason for selecting Hoi An one of the most romantic spots in Asia. The charming small streets of its Old Quarter are the ideal place to stroll around hand in hand; along the banks of the channel crossing the town there are dozens of small cafes and restaurants to choose from, and on the channel itself you can take a romantic sunset ride in a colorful wooden boat just like in Venice.
Lastly, the town is beautiful in daylight, but has an even more fantastic ambiance at night. It is illuminated by thousands of colorful fairy-lights, soft music plays from the loudspeakers on the streets and thousands of small paper lanterns are put on the waters of the channel.”
– Júlia Sándor, World Viber

Burano, Italy

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Burano, Italy is a tiny island just off the coast of Venice, and is one of the most romantic destinations I’ve visited. Imagine strolling hand-in-hand with your loved one alongside rainbow colored houses dotting sparkling green canals. Share a gelato while people watching, a just bask in the pure Italian-ness of the village. It’s an amazing place to enjoy when you’re in love.”
– Melissa, Maps and Merlot

Caesarea, Israel

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“The Old Port in Caesarea, Israel, is perfect for spending a romantic day. From a beautiful beach to breathtaking views and ancient Roman ruins – The Old Port is a unique romantic destination. Couples can walk along the beach, enjoy a selection of restaurants with sea view, and have the educational experience of learning about the story of ancient Israel.”
– Hadas Aharon, The Fashion Matters

Bruges, Belgium

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Bruges is a small pristine medieval town in Belgium. A stroll along the vivid medieval buildings and the maze of canals is perfect for a romantic getaway. Or even best take a boat ride or go cycling to experience the magical aura of the town. And do not forget to savor on some yummy Belgian fries and delicious flavored waffles.”
– Rashmi and Chalukya, Go Beyond Bounds

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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“Raja Ampat is definitely a honeymoon kind of place. It’s a remote archipelago off the coast of West Papua, Indonesia, with wonderful beaches and even better diving! One of the reasons to travel to Raja Ampat is Pianemo, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen – a cluster of forest-topped coral islands in an emerald bay. There are still few tourists, so get there soon!”
– Margherita Ragg, The Crowded Planet

Cotswolds, United Kingdom

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“I love Cotswolds, United Kingdom! The area is so quaint and cosy it’s definitely one of the most romantic travel destinations there is. In particular, Bibury in the Cotswolds is one of the most romantic villages you can visit and is ideal date weekend destination. Amble through the pretty village or enjoy a pint by the fire at The Swan hotel – the perfect romantic place for a break!”
– Emma Dowey, Me and B Make Tea 

Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa

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“Imagine being surrounded by crisp fall fresh air, stormy sea waves, and gorgeous greenery. Now add to your image, a cozy log cabin with a fireplace, a private deck facing the coastline, rugged hiking trails, and a picturesque waterfall. Tsitsikamma National Park in South Africa holds all these wonders and is one of the most beautifully calming places to curl up next to your significant other and drift away as you listen to and watch the symphony of the Indian Ocean.”
– Heather and Matt, Travelationship 


Where was the most romantic travel destinations you’ve ever visited?

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