Preparing for the Race


I was always an athletic kid growing up. I played all the sports every elementary school and grammar school kid did- tee-ball, softball, cheerleading, basketball. The only one I really stuck with was basketball, and in middle school I did all the AAU and travel teams I could. I loved basketball up until high school when I realized I didn’t want to play anymore. There were no problems or conflicts that made me want to quit, it just wasn’t for me anymore. Ever since then I’ve remained fairly active, working out at the gym whenever I had time.

I didn’t get serious about running until college, when I started to realize I really loved it. Even though I didn’t wake up every single day excited to run, once I got myself to the gym or outside and finished my run I felt fantastic. Over winter break this year, my best friend told me she would be running the New York City Half Marathon in April and that I should sign up. I was sold. She sent me the 15-week training schedule (that you can find on my Pinterest page here), and I’ve been dedicated ever since.


Week five was my biggest accomplishment so far, when I completed a seven-mile run in the 29 degree Jersey weather! I never thought this would be something I was capable of, and being able to mark it off my training calendar (which is hanging on my bedroom wall) is a great accomplishment for me! I use the Map My Run App to track my runs and progress; I was able to finish in about 71 minutes, which is just a minute shy of my goal.


The training schedule isn’t too intense, and dedicating four days to running and one day to cross train a week isn’t as hard as you think! We all have hectic schedules and lives, but even in between being a full time student, part time employee, and (unpaid) intern, as well as maintaining a social life, extra curricular activities, and a long distance relationship, I’m still able to work my runs into my schedule and accomplish my goals. And boy does it feel fantastic!

Even when I hit road bumps along the way, I’m itching to get to the gym and work harder than ever to get back on track. Pushing my body and increasing my endurance level has been a great journey so far, and I hope you all stick around for the rest of my race to the finish line!


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