6 Of The Best Places to Spend The Holidays

All throughout your school years you look forward to the holidays – mostly for presents and the breaks away from school. In college, you look forward to heading home for the holidays to escape the pressure of college deadlines and get a nice little detox from going out. While there’s no place like home, there are other amazing places to spend the holidays from all around the world. I talked to seven travel bloggers on some of their favorite locations to get in the Christmas spirit.

Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Holiday Destinations

Edinburgh, Scotland

places to spend the holidays

“Edinburgh is such an amazing winter holiday destination and yet, many people are not fully aware of how much it has to offer. Aside from being a city full of history with something new on every corner, there are many Christmas markets in Edinburgh all with different and amazing experiences to offer. Take my advice, Edinburgh should definitely be on your travel bucket list for the holidays. Be sure you visit The Dome to admire the majestic Christmas tree that stands tall every year. Better yet, you can even hangout for a glass of champagne or cocktail while there!”
– Maria Milea, MariaMilea.com 

Tallinn, Estonia

places to spend the holidays
“Quaint and festive are two words that spring to mind when thinking of Tallinn, Estonia’s capital. The Old Town hosts a Christmas market in the main square that stays open until just after New Year and you may even spot real reindeer! The smell of gluhwein, twinkly lights and many Christmas market stalls make Tallinn a wonderful place to get into the holiday spirit. There’s even an ice-rink! It’s also relatively inexpensive if you’re on a budget. Top tip – dress warm and invest in thermals! It gets pretty cold with all that snow.”
– Kirsty Marrins, What Kirsty Did Next

Porvoo, Finland

places to spend the holidays“Growing up in Canada, the holidays are synonymous with snow so even though I adore warm weather there’s nothing like a white Christmas. Finland is an amazing place to spend the holidays, not only is it a winter wonderland but you experience incredible food like lingonberry and blinis. Porvoo is the second oldest town in Finland with a rich history and charming neighborhoods that have you feeling the holiday spirit all winter long.”
– Ayngelina Brogan, Bacon is Magic 

Sofia, Bulgaria

places to spend the holidays“Sofia is a magical place at Christmastime. The Christmas Market lights up the square and brings people out from all over the city. Bulgarian food is made for winter-cheese breads and meats and hearty vegetables. And if you want to get in some winter activities, Mount Vitosha’s snowy peaks overlook the city starting in mid-November.”
– Stephanie Craig, Go Three Twenty Four

Vienna, Austria

places to spend the holidays
“Vienna is a beautiful Austrian city an abundance of things to do and see. Over the Christmas season there are several Christmas markets throughout the city. You can indulge in some hot wine with a hint of fruit and cinnamon to keep you warm while shopping for your friends and family. You can’t be  there without seeing the city museums and architecture of the grand buildings. You must also go to one of the many nightly concerts – Mozart, Strauss, Waltz – located in a Palace.” – Sally Pederson, My Tantalizing Destinations

Prague, Czech Republic

places to spend the holidays“There are so many amazing places to visit during the holidays but our personal favorite is Prague. There are so many amazing things to do in Prague but during the holidays the Christmas markets pop up throughout the city. It’s a great place to pickup some unique Christmas gifts and try some tasty European treats. Head up to the top of Old Town City Hall for the best view of the massive Christmas market below. Prague is also one of the most affordable European destinations, which is great as it gives you more money to spend on Christmas gifts.” – Hannah, Getting Stamped

Where are some of your favorite places to visit around Christmas time?

Travel Bloggers Reccommend 6 Amazing Places to Spend the Holidays

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