Physician’s Formula Makeup Review

The convenience of drug store makeup is undeniable, but when looking for all natural options, you have to realize up-front that the top-tier options aren’t going to come from a drugstore. But when I found myself in a situation without my makeup bag (long story) and needed something quick, I ran to a local Rite Aid and tried my best to make a conscious decision out of what I had in front of me.


Most people have heard of Physician’s Formula, which claims to use ingredients free from allergens and chemicals that can cause bad reactions. This is a major plus in my book, since I have super sensitive skin that has horrible reactions to new makeup! They also do not test on animals, which is the most important factor in choosing makeup for me. The hypoallergenic makeup line for over 78 years has been providing gentle formulas and has now extended into even more product lines, including their Organic Wear line, which I have been currently loving!


The 100% Natural Lash Boosting Mascara did not disappoint me in my first conscious beauty purchase. At first, I thought that the mascara was very wet and stayed wet for awhile, which means it smudged very easily. However, I quickly got used to using this mascara in my everyday routine and I was more mindful of the fact it took a tad longer to dry than I was used to. It became by go-to mascara in no time.

My lashes are very long, but very straight with no natural curl, so I always curl my eyelashes prior to putting on mascara. This mascara really accentuated my natural lashes, making them look long and full without looking overly made up or clumpy. It works well for both a natural look and a more made up/night look with a few extra coats.


The other product I chose was outside of the Organic Wear line, the Eye Definer Felt-Tip Marker. Let me preface this by saying I was in a big rush when I bought it, and when I hopped back in my car to open it I was surprised it was ACTUALLY a felt-tip marker. I know, I know. How could that possibly surprise me when it’s in the name? This was my first experience with a felt-tip marker as an eyeliner- I’ve always used a pencil prior to this. Although I struggle with the technique sometimes and have a far harder time getting my eyeliner to be even on both eyes with a felt-tip marker, I do have to say this eyeliner is a great option.

It is extremely long-lasting. One application lasts hours without any running! I have even gone as far as sleeping without taking it off, and I still wake up with it looking like I just applied it.image

I was happy with my purchases until some further research showed that they eyeliner contains propylparaben, arguably one of the most harmful chemicals in everyday products. Parabens are often linked to breast cancer, because (basically) they mimic estrogen that can cause endocrine disruption.

I use EWG’s Skin Deep database for most of my research on different chemicals and ingredients in makeup. They state that the most important thing in regards to parabens is to study the long term effects of continued use of products that contain the chemical. The average American uses nine products on their skin every day, and most of what we apply to our skin gets almost completely absorbed! I’ve also been using the Honest Company’s blog, Honestly, as an additional resource to learn more about specific ingredients. I’m much happier now on the track to educating myself and really learning about what it is exactly I’m putting on my body.

The verdict: I will definitely be repurchasing the mascara, but will look for better options in liner.

What are your favorite eyeliner and mascaras? 

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