what to know about freetown christiania

Copenhagen is known for its famous canals, bikes, and happy residents. But what you may not know about one of the happiest places on Earth (sorry, Disney) is that a hidden, colorful commune lives within. Freetown Christiania, or Christiania, was formed in 1971 in an old military zone. Today, Freetown Christiania is a colorful escape from (a modern) reality – unlike anything you’ve seen before. Read on to discover what to know about Freetown Christinia.

Walking through Freetown Christiania today does feel like an artistic wonderland. The face of every building is painted over, with bright patterns, characters, sayings, and landscapes. There are flags and banners hanging overhead and even the food trucks, the skateparks and the storefronts fit the mold.

what to know about freetown christiania

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