Give Your Running Shoes Something New


Even before I was training for the half marathon, I’ve always been fond of running. I didn’t always get up and go with a smile on my face to run, but when I did go for a run or run at the gym, I was always happy with myself once I had completed my run. For a few weeks last spring, I took a different route to the gym than I usually did. Each time I did, I passed this quaint little park with beautiful fountains in the middle. The park was filled with happy people, but more importantly these people were walking adorable dogs. After having passed it a few times, I was about to pass it yet again, when I impulsively turned the wheel, went around the block and parked. I decided to ditch my gym workout and go for a run on the trail around the park.


It quickly became my favorite place to run, and I’m anxiously awaiting spring for the fountains to be turned back on so I can go back to my favorite place (and get my dog fix). I had to share what a difference scenery can make on your run. If you start getting bored with your training or running routine, I would recommend looking for different scenery- a park, hiking trails, a new neighborhood. Any way to mix up your running routine is a sure way to make sure you don’t get bored and quit!

Happy running, everyone! 


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