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I took an occasional skiing trip to Vermont with my family as a kid. Last winter, I got the chance to return again when I received a three day stay at the Summit Lodge in Killington as a Christmas present. So, I packed my bags and gathered up my boyfriend and took off for Vermont for a long weekend during our winter break from college.

The Summit Lodge was a great place to stay and had the ultimate Vermont, cabin-feel. The lodge featured an indoor whirlpool, heated outdoor pool, made-to-order omelets (!!) as a part of the complimentary breakfast, and delicious restaurant and bar; but my absolute favorite part of this particular lodge was two of the permanent residents there. The lodge is famous for having St. Bernard dogs that live on site! Over 40 years, the Summit Lodge has housed a male and a female St. Bernard simultaneously. They’re known around town as the Summit Saints!

VT7Much to my pleasure, I was able to see the current St. Bernards, Rachel and Teddy, a few times during our stay. Although the addition of these two pups really put the lodging situation above and beyond in my mind, we did a lot more during our time in Killington than just play with the resident dogs.


Now just remember, we got the chance to stay at the lodge for free so we took the chance. But, we were still in college and BROKE, so we were on a tight budget! (Tip: The Summit Lodge has a buy two, get one night free deal, which is also great if you’re looking to travel on a budget!) We also both hadn’t skied in about 8 years, so we figured we would lay off the slopes so we didn’t hurt ourselves and ruin the entire trip.

But we still made the absolute best out of the trip! We took the ski lift up Pico Mountain to Peak Lodge for lunch, where everyone EXCEPT us was dressed in full snow suits with skis in tow. We may have been slightly out of place, but the lodge had one of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen! Plus, the food was so good! They offered a line up of signature hot cocktails perfect for the atmosphere, from spiked hot chocolate to apple ciders! If you ever find yourself in Killington, even if you aren’t a skier, make sure you check out the Peak Lodge. You may never get the opportunity to see a view like this again. VT3 VT5VT2The next day we took an hour snowmobiling tour through the mountains which was an
unbelievable experience! We took our tour from Killington Snowmobile Tours and were lucky enough to have no one else in our group (other than the instructor), so it really felt like we had the entire trail to ourselves.


If you want to grab a bite to eat, one of our favorite food places while we were there was Outback Pizza (and we ate A LOT during our stay). They have freshly made, brick-oven style pizza in a dozen different flavors. The atmosphere of the place is fun and relaxed, with the brick-oven smack-dab in the middle of the place.

I’m really excited to go back to Vermont and explore even more than last time. Hopefully, another trip happens soon! A tour of Ben & Jerry’s will definitely be on our next to-do list…

Please feel free to comment any of your favorite places in Killington or anywhere in Vermont! I’d love to hear all about it and find new places to check out. 

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