October 5K Runs


I spent this October trying to get myself back into running mode. As I said in an earlier blog post, my mom and I took several weeks to help get our endurance back to where it was before taking the summer off. We followed a beginner’s couch-to-5K training schedule that really helped keep us on track. 

Our first 5K was hosted by Runner’s World. It was so much different from the local charity 5Ks I have participated in the past. I wanted to get motivated to do a half marathon and this was definitely the answer! As early as it was that cold October morning, everyone was so hyped and full of high-energy. You could see all types of runners from complete beginners participating in their first 5K to seasoned veterans doing a full 26.2 mile marathon!

We took it easy the first mile and half and kept up with the other people who seemed to have our same experience level. After that, I took off on my own to complete the rest of the race at slightly faster pace. Even though we weren’t trying to beat our personal records or everyone else, we had a really good time and got rewarded with our own metals and shirts after the race!


The next 5K we did was a local run to raise money for an elementary schools’ PTA. The race was just a few miles from home on Halloween morning. Staying true to the “Spooky Sprint” theme, participants encouraged families to come for a designated family fun costume walk that started a little bit before the 5K. It was so cute to see all the kids dressed up and the parents getting them involved. We received awesome  t-shirts for participating after this race as well and there was even local vendors set up around the park with with food and giveaways.

Signing up for the 5Ks was a great way to hold myself accountable for hitting the pavement and getting out after (or sometimes before!) work to run. Now, I feel ready to start a new training schedule to get back up to 13.1. I’m looking forward to my runs more than ever.


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