“I Need You To Walk So Much Faster” & 14 Other Thoughts During Your NYC Commute

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Ah, The Big Apple. The greatest city in the world. The city that never sleeps. It’s exciting to be in the city. Whether you are just visiting or stop-in all the time, one thing I can say for certain is not the greatest thing in the world. The price of living in New York City. Now, a lot of people I know and work with do live in New York City – it is possible to do on a budget if that’s your dream. But if you are working in New York City and commute in either from New Jersey like me, Connecticut, Long Island or further, you may be less than thrilled about your daily NYC commute.

If you’ve ever had to deal with an awful commute, especially in New York City, I think you’ll agree with some of these thoughts that you’ve definitely had before.

14 Thoughts During Your NYC Commute

  1. I need you to walk a thousand times faster
  2. Why does it suddenly smell like hot garbage?
  3. How long has my backpack been unzipped and is anything missing
  4. Crap, my subway card didn’t swipe through the first time, the guy behind me is going to think I’m a tourist
  5. Is that guy talking to a plant?
  6. Please don’t ask me to buy your candy bars once the subway’s door closes
  7. Is anyone else as hot as I am right now?
  8. Do I have time to walk or should I take another subway?
  9. There are so many open seats on this bus why are you sitting next to me
  10. Yes, please stop and take a picture in the middle of the sidewalk
  11. Is it gross to buy fruit of the random stands near Bryant Park?
  12. Do I have time to stop at this Pret A Manger? Or this one.. or this one.. wow there’s one on every corner
  13. Does he not realize I can see what he is are looking at on his phone…
  14. Crap, I’m going to be late.


Here’s to working in the greatest city in the world. What other thoughts do you have during your morning commute?


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