Neutrogena Naturals Review

I’ve been trying to make more conscious decisions when purchasing bath and beauty products after learning that our skin absorbs up to 80% of the products we put on it. That’s just crazy to me! So when I found myself running out of face wash, I headed to the store with this in mind.

Neutrogena is a brand I have always used and trusted, and with sensitive skin, I am alway skeptical about trying out new products, especially on my face. When I saw the Neutrogena Naturals brand on my shelf in my local grocery store, I was again skeptical of “green washing.” A bunch of big brands are slapping “natural” on all their packaging without that being the case. However, my main concern is using products that won’t be full of carcinogens and harmful for my body. A guide I have used to determine the risks associated with certain products is the EWG Skin Deep Database. There, the Neutrogena Purifying Facial Cleanser ranked a 3/10 in safety (with a score of 1 being the safest) and the Neutrogena Acne Foaming Scrub ranked a 4.


For me, this isn’t too bad. Not to mention, these products are 100% cruelty free and not exorbitantly expensive. They were a little on the smaller side in terms of size, but I figured I would give it a shot. I was sold and brought it home.

My first impression: Oh my god this smells delicious! The Neutrogrena face washes are made with willowbark, which apparently smells amazing. It’s a light, fruity scent that is in no way over powering. It is sweet and girly, but not sickly and cheap smelling. Wow, I loved it.


I’ve been using the purifying cleanser as my morning face wash and the acne foaming scrub for my nightly scrub. The foaming scrub has small beads in it, but is still an extremely gentle face wash. After using the scrub, I feel like my face is super clean and fresh and really works to fight any break outs. In contrast, I use the purifying cleanser as a more gentle, face wash to remove dirt and makeup and wouldn’t rely on it if my face was really acting up.


My two main complaints with the Neutrogena Naturals products that I have would be that (1) it leaves my face pretty dry and (2) it doesn’t completely remove my eye makeup. Both are very minor cons for me, because I always use a moisturizer after I wash my face anyway, and once I apply it I can no longer tell that my face was ever dry to start. Secondly, I don’t think I have ever had a face wash that completely removed my eye makeup and didn’t make me look like a raccoon. I have always relied on my makeup wipes, and recently I have been loving the wipes by the Honest Company.

Will I repurchase the Neutrogena Naturals products? Probably. But I am not completely sold and set in this routine. I will still be trying new products that can effectively keep both my skin and my conscious clear!

What face washes or products do you rely on for your every day skin care routine? 

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