Nama-say What? 3 Easy Steps to Start Practicing Yoga for Newbies

I’m not sure when the first time I ever did yoga was, but I know I never thought it would be for me. I always thought I needed a workout to be more active. I thought I needed my body to be drench in sweat and exhausting for a workout to be effective. So, when I did practice yoga, it was at a class at a gym that my friends were going to that I would tag along for, normally after a hard workout when I thought I needed a stretch.

I would see on websites and TV the benefits of practicing yoga and at the beginning of the new year I began to practice independently in my room. With the help of Yoga with Adrienne, I started to realize the positive benefits that yoga can bring to the body, without feeling completely drained.

In fact, my body responded oppositely to practicing yoga. It awakens my body and brings positivity to my mind. Ever since this discovery, I’ve tried to incorporate yoga into my routine a few times a week.

For the beginner, jumping into yoga blind may seem intimidating. You may think, “I’m not flexible enough” or “I have horrible balance,” but here are a few things to consider when thinking about beginning practicing yoga.

 1.  Breathing. It’s something we do every single day without even thinking about it. But engaging with yoga means learning the importance of your breath. If you’re thinking about starting yoga, set aside a time to sit alone for five minutes and focus on your breathing. With each breath, imagine inhaling positivity and exhaling negativity out of your body. Notice with each breath how your body responds physically, and how your overall wellness feels.

2. Setting intentions. This is more than aspiring to check off your to-do list. In simple terms, intentions are a combination of goals and feelings. Deeper than your regular goals, think about what you want to feel within the day. Do you want to love yourself more today? Treat others with kindness? Find inner peace? Open up to yoga by starting your day with intentions and see how your day differs from when you don’t.

3. Stretching. It just feels good! Start and end your day with a good stretch. Just engage in the stretches you’re familiar with, and see what a difference it makes to jump start and end your day. Stretching before bed helps me work out all the kinks from a stressful and busy day. Get in the habit of stretching as a way to absorb positive energy in the morning and get out stressful energy at night, and see how you feel.

These tips are meant to help you get in a yoga mindset and know what you’re getting into prior to your first experience. Yoga is more than just a workout, but a new way to create a positive life and well-being. I was critical of the practice at first, but you will be surprised just how much there is to gain. Open up to it, and the world can open up to you.

As the yogis say, ‘namaste.’


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