My Mexi-coma Meditation

This week was my spring break from college. The purpose of spring break is to give students a chance to relax and catch up on their work and sleep, but for me it did the polar opposite. I took my first ever vacation below the border and soaked up the Mexican sun in Cancun for five days. My school work remains unfinished and although I brought my workout clothes with me, not surprisingly I didn’t get up at 6:00 am and go for morning runs like I thought.

After returning from Mexico on Wednesday and spending the day traveling, I then took the venture to use up the remainder of my relaxing spring break visiting my boyfriend at his college in Virginia. Although I once again brought along my books and running shoes, the workouts and study sessions were non-existant as was my sleep spending three nights in a house full of eight very rowdy guys.

By the time I arrived back at my own school last night, I had driven about 6 hours that day, packed and unpacked twice, and am still recovering from a day full of travel home from Mexico. Monday morning seemed impossible until I decided to practice some yoga before starting my long day.

I went to Yoga with Adriene and found a Yoga for Revitalization video, where it just so happened to be a video from Adriene’s own travels to Mexico! The quick 15 minute video was the best possible way I could have started the Monday back from a long break. It left me feeling grounded and energized and prepared to start a long day.

IMG_2427Since it’s been over a week since I’ve moved my body in any athletic way, this sequence was the perfect way to reintroduce myself to get my blood flowing. This morning reminded me why practicing yoga has such great benefits to the body and soul. Not only did I feel physical benefit of my practice this morning, but I felt genuine energy all day long.

This was a great experience for me to get re- in touch with my body after a long break and has my desire to get out of bed earlier to start my day with yoga higher than ever. I’m looking for more morning/reenergizing videos and sequences to start my days as great as today, and would love any comments on suggestions for my future practice!

Don’t forget to do something to further your practice today! 

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