10 Must-See Spots in Copenhagen, Denmark

What’s in Copenhagen, you ask? Well if you saw Pitch Perfect 3, you’ll know it’s the location of their final competition. All jokes aside, Copenhagen is a really unique place to visit, Barden Bellas or not. Copenhagen was originally a Viking fishing village and is now not only the capital, but also the cultural, economic, and governmental center of Denmark.

Copenhagen is the perfect little Scandinavian city, with canals and water along the major walkways. People bicycle everywhere in Copenhagen, and there are even lanes on the roads that are designated for the bicycle-riders. The city is surrounded in so much rich history, with the cutest cafes and eateries around.

With so much to see in Copenhagen, where should you start? Here are 10 things I loved seeing in Copenhagen.

10 Must-See Spots in Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. Little Mermaid Statue

    must-see copenhagen spots little mermaid statue

    There’s a statue by the Langelinie waterfront made by Edvard Eriksen depicting a mermaid on a rock. The story of the Little Mermaid is by Hans Christian Andersen, famed Danish fairytale author. Eriksen was fascinated by the ballet in the original Little Mermaid story by Andersen. In this version, the mermaid often came to this very spot to watch the ballet from the Opera house across the way. The mermaid fell in love with one of the ballerinas (not a prince) after watching him perform. The mermaid has been in this very location since 1913. You can’t talk about “must see spots in Copenhagen” WITHOUT mentioning Ariel in all her glory.

  2. Rosenborg Castle

    must-see spots in copenhagen rosenborg castle
    The Rosenborg Castle was a summer house for the royal family dating back to the 1600s and was the royal residence until 1710. After this, Rosenborg Castle was only the royal residence during two emergencies. Today, you can see the Danish crown jewels and the Danish crown regalia. The rooms in the castle are set up as they were throughout history, and many rooms are arranged in the same way they were when they were originally decorated. The gardens of Rosenborg Castle are equally as beautiful and ornate.

  3. Gefion Fountain

    gefion fountain must-see things in copenhagen

    This fountain is nearby to the Little Mermaid statue, in front of the harbor. It depicts a group of animals being led by the Norse Goddess Gefjon. The fountain was officially activated in 1908 and has been a beautiful landmark in Denmark ever since. Interestingly, the fountain isn’t just another fountain. It actually depicts the myth of the creation of Zealand, where Copenhagen was located. The ancient story has it that the Swedish king Gylifi promised Gefjun all the territory her son could plow it in a night. She turned her sons into oxen and began to plow. They tossed the land in the Danish sea between Scania and the island of Fyn.

  4. Church of our Savior

    church of our savior must-see spots in copenhagen

    YA’LL. The steps on this steeple is no joke. I don’t even consider myself very afraid of heights but I realized during this trek, I am, in fact. This church is a Baroque church in Copenhagen that is most famous for its spiraling stairs 90 meters above and its carillon (fancy church bells), which is the largest in northern Europe and plays music every hour from 8:00 AM until midnight. Beyond the stunning exterior and the ability to climb to the top for amazing views, the interior boasts a huge organ with the Christian V monogram depicted in gold and supported by two elephants.

  5. Free Town Christiana

    free town christiana must-see spots in copenhagen

    This little town honestly deserves its whole own blog post. It’s essentially a commune in Copenhagen that is recognized as its own town. The whole community is splashed with bright, vibrant colors with murals and art on every surface around. While part of Free Town Christiana has become a bit touristy, with t-shirts, coffee and ice cream, but you can wander along and find the genuine homes of those living in the commune.

  6. Tivoli Gardens

    10 Must-See Spots in Copenhagen, Denmark Tivoli Gardens

    These gardens aren’t just full of trees, florals and herbs. These gardens are filled with amusement park rides, fun houses, trick games and more. It is the second oldest operating amusement park in the world. Opened in 1843, Hans Christian Andersen was among one of the first to step foot in Tivoli Gardens. Today, many attractions are actually inspired by his work, but back then, his work was inspired by the fantasy land of Tivoli.

  7. Christiansborg Palace

    10 Must-See Spots in Copenhagen, Denmark Christaansborg

    This palace is home to all three of the branches of Denmark’s government: the executive, legislative and judicial branches. Additionally, many parts of Christiansborg is used by the royal family, including the royal reception rooms and the stables. Several parts of the building are open to the public.

  8. Strøget

    10 Must-See Spots in Denmark Copenhagen Stroget
    Image courtesy of US News Travel

    This car-free, pedestrian-only area of Copenhagen is a major shopping hub for the region. It is one of the largest pedestrian-only streets in Europe, and it has a mix of both budget-friendly shops and high-end luxury brands. There are many great retail stores as well as coffee shops, museums, bars and more.

  9. Nyhavn

    10 Must-See Spots in Denmark Copenhagen Nyhavn

    This is a very touristy part of Copenhagen, but so worth it! The beautiful, colored homes and storefronts lining the canal and the boats floating on by will give you such European and Scandinavian vibes. Being here among the tourists can honestly feel like a dream! This is a great spot to grab dinner and a glass of wine while overlooking the canals, people watching and just unwinding after a day of exploring.

  10. Amalienborg

    10 Must-See Spots in Denmark Copenhagen Amelianborg

    Get your daily dose of the royal family when you visit Amalienborg, home to the Danish royals themselves. Four identical buildings line this square, with a statue of Amalienborg’s founder King Frederick in the center. You’ll find members of the Royal Guard in Amalienborg day and night. The changing of the guard takes place at noon every day. Queen Margrethe II and King Henri de Laborde de Monpezta, the King and Queen of Denmark, live in one of the four palaces, and the Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik and his wife Mary, live in another.

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? What are your favorite places? 

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