Lily Lolo Lipstick Review

Opening a shipment from Lily Lolo feels like your unwrapping a long awaited birthday present. With fun pink confetti and wrapping paper inside the box, it’s impossible not to feel giddy when checking out your new makeup.

If you didn’t know, Lily Lolo is a mineral makeup brand originally from the U.K. but is now available in the United States. At first glance, the sleek black and white packaging of the products would make you think it’s a luxury brand on the top shelf of Sephora. But Lily Lolo is actually a 100% natural and cruelty free makeup brand. It’s free of harsh chemicals, dyes and fillers and is never tested on animals!


I was excited to try out Lily Lolo makeup, and while I have a few samples of mineral foundation I’m excited to review next, I first want to highlight the three lipsticks I have from Lily Lolo.


All of the lipsticks are super moisturizing and go on as smooth as butter, made out of organic vitamin E and jojoba. As someone with sensitive skin, I’m always surprised when a new product doesn’t make me break out, and I was happy to see that with these lipsticks (and the Lily Lolo foundations I’ve tried so far) I did not have any reaction at all.

The wear lasts pretty long for a natural lipstick. When you’re lacking the harsh chemicals and preservatives that you’ll find in regular lipsticks, staying power is lower than you may be used to. But if you’re looking for a more natural, safer alternative, that is to be expected. These lipsticks will last for a few hours, but reapplying would definitely be recommended.

My favorite of the shades I have from Lily Lolo is Berry Crush. It’s one of the darkest/deepest shades they offer. The color is a deep red/purple that is just absolutely gorgeous, especially for fall.


Scarlet Red is a nice, standard red color. It’s not the brightest red I’ve ever worn, but it certainly gets the job done when I want that classic, red lip thing that you like (thanks T. Swift), but it is a bit more raspberry colored. From what I’ve seen on the website, I think the shade Desire would be a deeper, more vibrant red.


My least favorite of the three is the shade Intense Crush. This is a lighter pink but is a more coral, peach color. It’s a more natural tone, so it can be applied for an every day wear, but it tends to wash me out. I’m going to continue to use this shade as the summer comes around to see how the color applies when my face is tanner.


Overall, I really love these lipsticks! I definitely want to try out new shades and lip products from Lily Lolo, and would certainly recommend this brand for those looking for a natural, cruelty free alternative.

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