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I’m sure everyone has heard of a juice cleanse and maybe you even thought of trying one out. If not, I’m sure you’ve formed an opinion about juicing in general. There’s a lot of different facts out there about juice cleanses.

Something that attracted me to trying a juice cleanse was the idea of jump starting a health kick by completely eliminated processed foods from my diet. After the holiday binge and countless desserts, I felt the need to do something drastic to help put me back on track and get a fresh start for the new year.

The first day for me was the easiest, with three juices for breakfast lunch and dinner. In between was tons of water and some plain, black hot tea. After a NYE filled with pizza and alcohol, I felt really motivated to jump right in and get going so morale was high on the first day.

The second day was a little trickier to be optimistic about because I was getting into the more vegetable based juices that certainly weren’t my favorite. But overall I was super excited to know I was so close to finishing my goal!

Day three started the same way, looking forward to being able to say “I did it!”afterwards. I also felt very energized in the morning, and it occurred to me that I had not had coffee for the past three mornings, which is very uncharacteristic of me. Powering through day three was a little easier, but I was definitely looking forward to my next meal.

Now, I know there’s tons of research on both ends of the juicing spectrum, some raving about the benefits of a juice cleanse and some pointing towards them being more hurtful than beneficial. I highly suggest you do tons of your own research before considering a cleanse, but I want to share some of the pros and cons that I found out through my own research and experience.


  • Juice cleanses certainly are not a long term solution to lose weight, but you will lose some water weight since your body doesn’t need to retain water to process solid foods. It will help clean out your system of all the processes junk and should leave you feeling pretty new after.
  • I stayed super hydrated the entire time- adding all that fluid into your diet doesn’t only help flush you out, but keeps you hydrated too
  • Eating habits will change and your cravings for the bad stuff will decrease. Before I started, I had gotten to the point where I said yes to every holiday treat there was. After, all I wanted to eat was super nutritious food.
  • Motivation will be at an all time high after the juice cleanse. For me, I felt I didn’t want it to go to waste so really thought about the eating habits and lifestyle changes I can make to really keep my health in check.
  • You’ll be filling your body with tons of nutrients and vitamins from all the fruits and vegetables. If you don’t normally eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, juicing is a great way to get all those nutrients.


  • Big jump in sugar intake from all the sugars
  • Buying this many fruits and vegetables was expensive! Granted, I bought mostly organic, which can be pricier, but I still had to break the bank a little. I’m thinking it may have been cheaper to buy the juices from my local juice shop.
  • I didn’t want to work out- I was afraid of exhausting myself too much during a vigorous workout. I did however do some light yoga and took a walk during my lunch break, which I think supplemented the cleanse nicely.
  • Some of the juices may not be very good…

Things I wish I knew before I started:

  • Do your research! I found out a great way to begin and end a cleanse is by restricting yourself to an all vegan diet 3-days before and after a cleanse.
  • Make sure you like the juices. I packed a juice for lunch on day three just to find out I hated it. I could barely get down three gulps before calling it quits and was stuck at work for hours without the chance to make another juice.
  • Avoid all things food. Steer clear of Pinterest, the food court at the mall, or any family or friends enjoying a delicious meal. As good as your juice cleanse makes you feel, you will miss eating regular solid food to some extent.
  • Ease back into your regular diet. If you go from juice for three days immediately to a bag of Cheetohs or to huge meals, you’ll certainly shock your body and you’ll, basically, be reversing the benefits of all your hard work.

My conclusion: I probably won’t do another again, but I am thankful of having the experience and being able to stick it out. I think a short burst of a juice “cleanse” is a good way to restart and refresh and keep yourself back on track. For the future, I’m happy to just incorporate more balanced juices into my regular diet.

I’m not claiming to be a medical professional or to have all the facts on juicing, rather sharing my experience and what I learned through my own research during the cleanse. There’s tons of pros and cons and you can listen to XYZ site to pick and choose where your facts come from, but I think if at the end of the day you are listening to your body and doing what’s best for you, you’ll succeed!

Happy juicing, friends!

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