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jersey city new jersey

They say a change of scenery is good for you every now and then, right? Well, I took that to heart and decided to leave everything behind and start fresh in the big apple.

((Well, almost the big apple. While I spend Monday through Friday in Midtown Manhattan, my new residence is actually in Jersey City.))

jersey city new jersey

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut without realizing it. You wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep and repeat. Day after day, the same thing. For some people, it eventually just gets old and you start to resent it. That’s where I was at. Itching to move forward but feeling stuck exactly where I was.

And where I was, was great. I had a comfortable job, little expenses, friends and family located conveniently nearby. While I was happy, I just wanted more. More room to grow in my career, more independence and in a more vibrant place where I could really thrive.

jersey city new jersey

I’m thrilled to have started a new job in digital marketing at a company with a seriously breathtaking office space on Madison Avenue. I relocated to Jersey City to ease up my commute to the Big Apple.

Jersey City is truly melting pot of different cultures and things to do. Every day I’m blown away by the breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline visible just from my street alone.

jersey city new jersey

You can find everything you are looking for in Jersey City. There are farmers markets everywhere, yoga in the park every Sunday and walking distance from the vibrant nightlife in Hoboken. There’s endless options for food, art, parks and its near many transportation options that will bring you right into the city.

jersey city new jerseyI’m not the only one who thinks Jersey City is a great place for twenty-somethings to live. That’s why Forbes even named it one of the best cities for millennials. It’s a reasonably priced area with access to the city; a place where you can be surrounded by people of your own age.

Jersey City is growing extremely rapidly.  It’s population has grown nearly 7% from 2010-2015, and it’s ranked the most diverse city in the country. There’s a ton of new developments being made and there are constantly events that attract more and more people to the growing city.

I’m so excited to explore my new home and share some of my the many things to do, see, and learn about this vibrant New Jersey city.

This stage in my life is sure to be full of new challenges and hardships, but even more adventures, opportunities and an abundance of happiness.

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