Things That Always Put Me In An Instant Good Mood

instant good mood

Some days you simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed. For no good reason, you can just be in an overall grumpy mood. No matter what has gotten you in an awful mood, these videos will inevitably put you in an instant good mood.

Kristen Bell freaking out over a sloth

I wish I liked anything as much as Kristen Bell like sloths. 

Jimmy Fallon & Bradley Cooper physically unable to stop laughing

Don’t judge a video by its thumbnail image. Trust me.

2 Year Old Goes Grocery Shopping

If only every trip to the grocery store was this cute.

How animals eat things

Because why not?

The tiny hamsters videos

So tiny, so cute… (I’m not crying you are)

Outtakes from Friends

Even in poor ’90s quality, you can’t help but hold back a smile when watching these guys.

Steph Curry rocking out to Disney songs

Dad of the year right here. You know he’s perfected the Anna/Hans duo with Riley.

Ellen Degeneres scaring literally everyone

Watching other people suffer is funny apparently.

Baby Groot dancing

Get your Groot on.

What are your favorite things to watch that put you in an instant good mood?

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