How to Spend a Long Weekend in Block Island

Block Island is an island 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island. Most people get there by ferry, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll miss the last ferry on a Friday night and not be sure what to do. But don’t worry, there’s actually another way to get to the island. A fifteen minute plane ride.


That’s right, fifteen minutes in the smallest plane you’ll ever be in. It’s. Awesome. I’d definitely recommend spending the extra money and heading over to the New England Airport for a quicker trip over to the island. Plus, there’s free parking at the airport!

When you get to the island on a Friday afternoon, don’t forget to bring cash so you can take a taxi to New Shoreham. Drop your bags off at your hotel or inn and head over for a late dinner and a glass of wine (or two) in the wicker, dog-friendly section at The Harbor Grill overlooking the water.


On Saturday morning, carb up at breakfast and get ready for an adventure. Head over to Island Moped and rent bikes for the day. Grab a backpack, fill it with a few waters and make sure you have your camera and a beach towel and follow the signs to the Mohegan Bluffs.


Before you get to the Bluffs, visit the Southeast Lighthouse. (Bonus points if you can bike all the way up the hills without having to stop.) You can take a tour to the top of the lighthouse or walk around and take in the breathtaking views from the ground. Take a break in the shade and then head back out to explore.


You can stop right at the Mohegan Bluffs shortly after the lighthouse, but I’d recommend continuing up the road for a little and seeing more of the island views. Between the views and houses (and very little hills this time around), you’ll have an incredibly enjoyable stroll through the island.


Head back towards the Mohegan Bluffs, park your bike and get ready for one of the coolest beach experiences of our life. Head down 140 steps towards the shore line and take it all in. Walk along the sore and take in the views, cool breeze and salty water.


Ride back to town and grab a late lunch at one of the few restaurants on the island with air conditioning, The Mohegan Cafe and Brewery. Soak up all the air conditioning you can get and grab some delicious food and drinks before heading around town for shopping and site seeing. There are a few galleries and museums in walking distance worth checking out too!


For dinner, head somewhere with live music, like Ballard’s, the Poor Man’s Pub, or The Surf Hotel (listed in order of fanciness) and hangout in the outside seating area.


On Sunday, head back to the Harbor Grill for a delicious breakfast and post-up at Ballard’s Beach Club. You can be sure to hangout as long as you want, but get there early to reserve a a spot and a chair. Before heading back to the New England Airport to catch your 15 minute plane ride home, make sure you get an ice cream cone at The Ice Cream Place. If you have extra time before heading to the airport, check out the Manisses Animal Farm or head across the island to North Lighthouse.

Have you ever visited Block Island? What’s your favorite part?


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