How to Make the Cutest Terrarium in Just 4 Simple Steps

I’m constantly trying to find new, fun ways to make my desk at work feel like home. The majority of my life is spent there, so why not make it as homey as possible? I always want to keep a vase of flowers on my desk, but flowers have a pretty short lifespan. I knew I wanted a tiny cactus to spruce up my desk, but then I saw how to create your own terrarium and found my newest DIY project this month!Plants copy

Cacti and succulents are super easy to care for, and I know they’ll be able to survive weekends without me around to water them.  I found everything I needed between Target, Home Depot and Michaels. Home Depot had a wide selection of succulents and cacti to choose from and Target had the cutest selection of glass containers. I underestimated how much room I would need in the container for my plants, so I ended up using a mason jar for my third plant.

This was so much easier than I could have expected and it makes such a cute addition to my desk. Plus, it’s proven plants just make you happier! So if you want to make your own adorable little plant home, here’s how.

Supplies copy

What do I need?


-A planter or vase

-Potting soil



-Rocks, pebbles, sea glass, etc.

What do I do?

  1. You want to make layers out of all your supplies. I started with a layer of sand on the bottom followed by colored glass and rocks.terrarium copy
  2. The two top layers should consist of your moss and your soil. I chose to layer them in this order because I read that succulents soil needs to be able to drain, and having the rocks underneath the moss leaves extra room under the soil for some drainage space.
  3. When you’re planting your succulents, you want to loosen up the roots a tad before planting them in the soil. Don’t pack the soil together too firmly, succulents like their space.
  4. I used some spare rocks and sea glass to top the terrarium.Terrarium2

Just add a little love and water and your terrarium is good to go!

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