What to Know About Freetown Christiania

what to know about freetown christiania

Copenhagen is known for its famous canals, bikes, and happy residents. But what you may not know about one of the happiest places on Earth (sorry, Disney) is that a hidden, colorful commune lives within. Freetown Christiania, or Christiania, was formed in 1971 in an old military zone. Today, Freetown Christiania is a colorful escape from (a modern) reality – unlike anything you’ve seen before. Read on to discover what to know about Freetown Christinia.

Walking through Freetown Christiania today does feel like an artistic wonderland. The face of every building is painted over, with bright patterns, characters, sayings, and landscapes. There are flags and banners hanging overhead and even the food trucks, the skateparks and the storefronts fit the mold.

what to know about freetown christiania

Christiania is truly a haven for people who wish to live differently. While it’s set on an old military site, the people of Christiania are very anti-authority and are mostly regarded as hippies who believe in collectivism and anarchism. Meditation and yoga is practiced widely here and theater performances are common.

what to know about freetown christiania

They have their own set of rules, outside of Denmark completely. Their rules include no violence, guns, knives, stealing, or hard drugs for example. There’s an open cannabis trade in Christiania along Pusher Street, where cannabis is sold in pop up stalls freely. The police do try to stop the cannabis trade, and the history and back-and-forth of attempts run deep. For now, Pusher Street is alive and well, and openly evading the authorities.

what to know about freetown christiania

This is really a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. You can’t find a city like this just anywhere. It’s really one of the most unique places you could see, especially when you are visiting Copenhagen. But this is one example of where respect is so important. This is just the way of life for the people who live here. Yes, the town has recently seen a spike in tourism and it helps the economy, but be mindful when taking photos. I actually really limited the photos I took – but truthfully it took me a minute to really understand where I was. How would I feel if groups of people walking around my neighborhood growing up taking pictures of my family and my house?

Would you want to experience Christiania for yourself?

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What to know about Freetown Christiania

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