DIY Santa Gift Card Holder


Gift cards can be the perfect present for the holidays. It can be your go-to option for your secret santa or extended family, or even for your closest friends and family when you know their favorite places to shop.

Let’s face it, a gift card is a very practical present. But handing it over in an envelop isn’t always the most fun or festive, is it? I decided to try and recreate a project I found online by making a Santa Claus Gift Card Holder out of a mason jar!

It was really simple to do and can be done with a very small budget. Most of the tools and decorations I used on this project were recycled from my other DIY Christmas projects.

So if you want to make your own, it’s actually really simple. Plus, the gift card recipient will definitely appreciate you going above and beyond!

Santa Gift Card

What do I need?

-The Gift Card Of Your Choice

-Mason Jar (Any Size!)

-Red Crinkle Paper

-Black Ribbon

-Black Rhinestones

-Gold Rhinestones

-Hot Glue Gun

-Gold Spray Paint

-Fun Do-Dads & Extras (Chocolate, Candy Canes, Decorations, Little Ornaments)

What do I do?

1. Around the middle of your mason jar, measure out your black ribbon and cut it to the proper length. Use a small dab of hot glue to secure the ribbon around the middle of the mason jar. This will be Santa’s belt!

DIY Santa Jar 3

2. Fill the bottom of your mason jar with the red crinkle paper until it reaches the belt-line of the jar. Place your gift card on top of the crinkle paper so it is visible from the front of the mason jar.

DIY Santa Jar 2

3. Rhinestone it up! Arrange your gold rhinestones in a square around center of the belt to be Santa’s belt buckle. Put three black rhinestones in a straight line to be his jacket buttons.

4. Behind and around the gift card, put your do-dads! I put in two Lindt chocolate truffles, some snowflakes and Merry Christmas confetti. After I took these pictures, I added some mini candy canes that I had left over from my chocolate peppermint bark. I also found a cute mini ornament that said happy holidays that I hung from the lid using a smidge of hot glue. Check out the dollar section and scrap booking section of Michaels for your do-dads!

DIY Santa Jar 5

5. This part is optional and maybe the trickiest part of this whole project. Use the gold spray paint to paint the lid of the mason jar. Be mindful of the inside of the lid, because the paint can affect how easily the lid comes on and off. Also, make sure it completely dries before you try and put it on on the mason jar or it will stick!

There you have it.. a makeover for a classic present!

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