Inspiration to Make Your Own DIY Potted Herbs This Spring

When springtime hits and that daylight starts sticking around for longer in the evening, the urge to spend every waking second outside begins to kick in. One of my favorite thing about the springtime, aside from the obvious beautiful weather is the ability to start decorating your house with flowers and plants. Being able to step outside to the garden and pick out your own fruits, vegetables and herbs are even better! Buying herbs from the supermarket can be really frustrating, as you typically only need a small quantity and the rest goes bad.

The obvious resolution here? Plant your own! Herbs like mint, cilantro, basil and oregano make great potted plants and making cooking with fresh ingredients a breeze. With a quick search on Pinterest, you can find a ton of amazing DIY potted herbs that also decorate your house.

For example, chalkboard painting your pots to label them is really in right now. But, did you know you can easily pick up chalkboard pots at Michaels for around $5? With a quick trip to Michaels and your local flower shop or farmer’s market (shop local, kids!), you can get everything you need to have some cute and practical plants around your home, deck or garden.

I made these incredibly simple DIY potted herbs in no time, with just chalkboard pots, chalk and, of course, the herbs of my choice. But I also wanted to share some of my favorite other DIY potted herb creations from Pinterest, hoping to spark some inspiration on the best ways to display your favorite potted herbs or plants.

Inspiration to Make Your Own DIY Potted Herbs

1. Chalkboard Pots

2. Tea Tins

(via Mod Cloth)

tea tin herb pots diy potted herbs

3. Mason Jar Wall Mount

(via Camille Styles)

mason jar wall mount diy potted herbs

4. Curtain Rod

(via The Bird and Her Song)

hanging diy potted herbs

5. Wood Pallet

(via Pink When)

pallet diy potted herbs

6. Hanging Mason Jars

(via Ramshackle Glam)

hanging mason jar diy potted herbs

7. Tea Cups

(via Creative Juice)

teacup diy potted herb

8. Wooden Shutters

(via Elizabeth Kate Decor)

shutter mason jars diy potted herbs


What are your favorite herbs to keep in the kitchen?

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