Santa Claus Wine Bottle

DIYWineSanta4This Christmas I’ve decided to turn my standard gift-giving into fun DIY projects! I, for the most part, reach my peak during the holiday season, if you couldn’t already tell. It seemed only natural to do it (yourself) up this holiday season with some crafts.

I personally really like homemade presents. I think they show you put some extra thought, love and care into the gifts for your friends and family. The first one I decided to do was when I was almost at my budget limit for my first Secret Santa. I wanted to get a bottle of wine as the final element to my gift when I realized that I could do even better than just handing over a plain bottle of wine.

Instead, I opted for crafting this Santa Claus out of a wine bottle! It was super simple to make and turns an ordinary bottle of wine into a Christmas masterpiece.

Here’s how to make your own:

What do I need?

– Red Acrylic Paint

-White Acrylic Paint

– Gold Rhinestones

– Black Rhinestones

-White Puff Ball/Pom-Pom (Michael’s sells them in small packs of three for about $1!)

-A Medium/Thin Black Ribbon (depending on how thick you want Santa’s belt)

-A Hot Glue Gun

-A Bottle of Wine

– Foam Paint Brushes


What do I do?

1. First, take the label off of your wine bottle. I did this by using hot water and scraping the label off with a spatula. (I left the foil around the top to protect the cork.) But be careful, warming up the wine too much can ruin it! I also found that there was still some sticky residue left over from the labels, so I used rubbing alcohol and my fingernail to scrape it off. It may be worth a try to just peel the label off and use this method if you’re concerned about the well-being of the wine.

2. Once the wine bottle is completely naked and free of any sticky residue, start sponge-painting the outside of the bottle red. After the first coat, let it dry and add another coat, continuing to sponge-paint the entire bottle. I did a total of three coats. DIYSanta2

3. After the red paint has dried, measure around the wine bottle with your black ribbon and cut it to the perfect size. Use a hot glue gun to glue the ribbon in a complete circle around the bottle to form a belt! Where you glue the ribbon together will be the back-side of your Santa bottle.DIYWineBottle3

4. Rhinestone it up! Add your gold rhinestones in a square around the front of Santa’s belt. This will be his belt buckle. Then, add three black rhinestones to the front of the bottle, above the belt buckle. These will be Santa’s buttons keeping his coat on!

5. Using a clean foam brush, start dabbing white paint right below the neck of the wine bottle. This will be Santa’s fur collar. After a few coats of white paint around the neck, I used a Q-Tip to give the top and bottom of the “fur” a fluffier look.

6. Use the hot glue gun to glue a white pom-pom/fluff ball on top of the wine to be the tip of Santa’s hat. (This is optional, I anticipate getting the wine out after hot-gluing the top to perhaps be a bit challenging, but since I also anticipate drinking the wine with the receiver of this gift, I figured the cuteness would be worth the challenge of actually getting the wine out of the bottle. Plus, you only need a dab of hot glue to keep your puff ball on- how hard could it be?)

Ta-da! The perfect craft for your wine loving friends.

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