What You Didn’t Know About Getting A Puppy

what you didnt know about getting a puppy

Nothing prepared me for getting a puppy. People always said it was hard but I really never understood just how hard it was. I mean, here I am 9 months later, two sentences in, and I’ve already had to put my laptop down twice because my now one-year-old puppy is somehow getting into mayhem in this nearly empty room I’m writing this from.

Puppies are so much work. And so much time. And so much patience. Besides the obvious hardships you expect like crate training and house training your puppy, there’s a lot you don’t hear about when getting a puppy.

It can affect your mental health.

I’ve learned that I have no patience at all. But luckily, my dog has really been teaching me to be more patient. Your puppy can’t talk to you, unfortunately. You may find yourself up at three in the morning with a dog that is barking and pawing at you and you just want to go to sleep and don’t know what your dog needs. It can get extremely overwhelming and you have to remind yourself to be patient, with the puppy and yourself.

what you didnt know about getting a puppy

It affects your social life.

Your friend wants you to come to the bar and spend the night? Well, you can’t because you need someone to stay with the dog. That weekend you always spend at your friend’s beach house? Add an extra two hundred dollars to that, because you’ll need doggy daycare that whole time you’re gone. Even when you do go out, you have to plan the day around the dog so it works for both your schedules.

You’ll sleep a little less comfortably.

You may think you’ll have your dog sleep in their crate – and maybe he/she will! – but most likely that will last a week. Soon enough, they’ll be in your bed. And not just at the foot of your bed – smack dab in the middle. It’s all worth it when your pup rests his/her little head on your chest or curls up into a ball on your feet.

sleeping puppy

You’ll feel mom guilt.

You’ll always wonder if you are doing the best thing for your dog. Leaving for work is a little bit harder. If there’s a sunny day but you just want to sit on the couch, you’ll feel bad. You really do just want what’s best for your pup, but it’s often easier said than done!

You’ll have less time.

Mornings sleeping in aren’t a thing. Your puppy knows when its time to get up, and tells you. And not only do you have to just get out of bed – you have to go outside! And if you live in a city (like me) interact with other people when you walk out the door. Eek!

puppy with toy

You’ll spend a lot of money.

Like a lot. Puppies get sick a lot. I was at the vet like twice a month with my puppy in the first six months. Between vaccines, getting spayed, and all the joys of adopting a puppy – like worms (twice!!), gastrointestinal inflammation and more. Not to mention, pet insurance, dog walks, food, toys, etc. that you’ll need! It’s a lot of upfront, but the cost goes down as time goes on.

You’ll do a lot of gross things.

For example: pick up dog poop daily, have to clean up vomit or shove your hand in your dog’s mouth to get that chicken bone it picked out of the garbage out of his/her mouth. I could go into more detail here, but let’s just say you’ll develop a strong stomach.

dog in field

But Most Importantly… You’ll Learn Unconditional Love

As much as I say how hard it is having a puppy, it’s extremely rewarding. Watching them explore the world, learn new things, and just be their goofy selves makes it all so worth it. You make a lot of sacrifices when you get a dog, but you’ll be more than willing when they come up and give you a snuggle.

What was something you didn’t know about getting a puppy before getting one?

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what you didnt know about getting a puppy

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