Delicious Whole Wheat Banana Bread


I’m going to do it. Say the word everyone hates. But I have to. There’s no other way to describe just how delicious this banana bread recipe truly was.

Soft, fluffy and unbelievably moist. I’m sorry I had to! But it really was. After my first piece, I couldn’t help but keep going back and stealing extra bites. It’s safe to say this loaf did not last long in my house. banana-ingredients-2

Luckily, it’s made with some healthier alternatives than the stuff we are used to. I’m the first to admit, it’s nowhere near perfectly healthy. But if you want to indulge in a yummy snack, I’d say a slice of this certainly won’t ruin your healthy lifestyle, right?


With ingredients like whole wheat flour and coconut oil, I’d say we are getting closer to where we want to be. I found this recipe a la Pinterest through Diethood and added some of my own flair. With only 5 minute prep time and 45 minutes to bake, this may turn into your new favorite banana bread recipe!



-1 cup whole wheat four

-1 cup all purpose flour

-1 teaspoon baking powder

-1/2 teaspoon salt

-3 overripe bananas, mashed

-1 cup sugar

-1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

-½-cup melted coconut oil (Diethood recommends measuring about ⅓-cup solid coconut oil and melt it; this should give you roughly around ½-cup, which is the amount that you will need)


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease and flour a 9-inch loaf pan. 

2. Combine flours, salt and baking powder and set aside. 

3. Mash bananas in a large mixing bowl and add sugar. 

4. Beat eggs and add to banana mixture and mix. 

5. Add flour mixture to banana mixture and mix well. Stir in chocolate chips. 

6. Pour mixture into the loaf pan.

7. Bake 45-50 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean.

Note: I was panicking that the top of my loaf was burning the whole time. When I looked again at the recipe, it assured that because of the whole wheat flour, the top tends to look burnt, but isn’t. So take my word for it, it won’t end up burnt! Just wait until the toothpick comes out clean, and enjoy a delicious, moist slice of banana bread! 


Enjoy all the delicious-ness!

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2 thoughts on “Delicious Whole Wheat Banana Bread”

  • This looks delicious! I recently made a banana bread and it was gluten free, although your wholewheat variety sounds like a good idea as I have no issues with eating gluten. (p.s. I cringe at the word moist as well, but sometimes you just have to use it!!) 🙂


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