9 Reasons Why December Is The Best Month Of The Year

I’ll be honest- I’ve been getting into the holiday spirit since mid-October. I’ve been listening to Christmas music for weeks and have half of my holiday shopping done already. While I’ve been delightfully and giddily been getting into Christmas mode for weeks now, I’ve come to the conclusion that December might be the best month of the year. And here’s why:

     1. Snow. 

snowfallI’m the first to admit the snow can get old pretty fast. When you have to shovel it off your driveway just to get to work, having it melt in your shoes…  But there is something so magical about the first snowfall of the year. Even if you normally hold a strong aversion to snow (like me), you have to admit that no winter wonderland is complete without a fresh coat snow, and December is always the first month to deliver it.

     2. Baking. 

apple crumble cupcakesGingerbread cookies, snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, and tons of other festive treats are even more fun to make with friends than to actually eat. Have a bake-off with your friends one day in December and spend the night sampling the winning recipes- you won’t regret it!

     3. Warm drinks.

warm drink‘Tis the season for hot chocolate and I love every second of it. Coffee places are celebrating the season with holiday coffees, spiced teas, and biscottis to go along.

    4. Friends & family. 

friendsYay! Everyone comes back home in December for the holidays. After weeks or even months apart, you get to pick back up right where you left off with your best friends. Either your family comes to town or you take a trip to visit them. And no matter how crazy your family can be, especially when the holiday Sangria gets passed around, you can’t help but cherish those December days you spend together.

     5. Presents. 

presentNot getting, but giving. I love buying holiday presents. I started a Secret Santa with my friends weeks ago (no longer a “Secret”) and the holiday gift exchange at work has fully commenced. Some people think the malls are a nightmare in December but I love the hustle and bustle within while finding the prefect Christmas present. Not to mention, all the malls have busted out their holiday decor for the season and how could you not love that?!

     6. Kindness. 

random-acts-of-kindnessEveryone is nicer during the holiday season! You get more smiles, more door-holding, more generosity, and more warm wishes. What is it about the holidays that makes everyone happier? People are more likely to give to charities, participate in toy drives, and go out of their way for others in December than any other month (specifically, the last two days of the year). Here’s your reminder to do something nice for someone today!

     7. Fire places. 

fireplaceInstead of summer campfires we have our cozy fireplaces to enjoy in December. November is a little too early to light up that firewood, but December 1 seems like the perfect day to start, don’t you agree? There’s nothing quite like the smell of a crackling fire on a cold (and snowy!) December night.

     8. Decorations. 

christmas decorationsWhy don’t we hang up lights on our houses all year round? Who can I bring this idea to in order to make this happen? In December, every house in your neighborhood will start to put their Christmas lights up. Entire towns get completely light up! It’s honestly spectacular. I always try and get one December night to go around and admire all the dazzling lights around my town and it makes me feel like a little kid again.

     9. Winter activities. 

sleddingWith the snow comes the fun, right?! Skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, ice skating, snow tubing… December is the perfect time to use those left over vacation days to spend time completely immersed in winter frolicking! (I cannot wait to head to Vermont this month for another December adventure.)

What’s your favorite part of December?

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