14 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day To Try This Year

date ideas for valentine's day

There’s nothing wrong with the classic dinner and movie date. In fact, I feel like those are two of the biggest perks of being in a relationship. But if you’re looking to switch things up and do something a little different, you might be scrounging around for date ideas for Valentine’s Day. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to different date ideas for the holiday this year and came up with 14 different ideas to share with you!

14 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  • Eat It Up. Dinner is always a good idea. Spend the night in cooking dinner with your loved one or surprise them with their favorite meal. I’m all about themes so anything you can do to make it themed I think is such a cute touch. Some ideas? Mexican food with margaritas and fun decorations. A full-fondue dinner – from a cheese appetizer all the way to chocolate dessert. Have breakfast for dinner and create a brunch bar with pancakes and every topping imaginable. Have a cook-off Chopped stye – make a secret basket of ingredients for each other and see who comes up with the best meal.
    date ideas for valentines day fondue
  • Relax Together. No list of date ideas for Valentine’s Day is compete without mentioning massages! Couples massages are always a good idea to wind down and relax. You can schedule a massage out, order one in, or go the budget-friendly route and just give them to each other.
  • Get Quizzical. Tons of local restaurants and bars have trivia nights. You can find one and team up to take on others, or create your own DIY game show/trivia night and come up with prizes for the winner!
  • Explore More. Hit the great outdoors and spend some quality time with your loved one. Find a hiking trail near you and spend the afternoon hiking. Nothing screams romance like spending an afternoon together chatting, getting lost and stumbling upon something magnificent in nature like a waterfall or the peak of a mountain with a great view.
    date ideas for valetines day hiking
  • Hit the Road.  Take a small road trip just outside your local town. Find some great local landmarks and spend the day road tripping around and learning more about the surrounding towns. You can stop at food places and restaurants that are local-favorites, too!
  •  Take a Taste. Spend the day at a vineyard wine tasting or an afternoon at a brewery tasting craft beer. There are tons of speciality tastings too – you can pair cheese and wine, olive oil tastings, whiskey tastings… there’s something for every couple looking to sample a little bit of everything.
    date ideas for valentine's day wine tasting
  • Learn Something New. Bond with your loved one by learning something new. Try out a class this Valentine’s Day with your loved one and find a new hobby you can do together (or laugh about how much you didn’t enjoy it after all). Try pottery, painting, photography, dance… there’s tons of ideas! Just don’t surprise your significant other with a class unless knowing its something they would want to try too. I can’t think of anything more my boyfriend would hate than me surprising him with dance classes.
  • Go Retro. Visit an old-school arcade and compete in Pac Man and Donkey Kong. Spend the day doing things from decades past – split a chocolate milk shake, go to a dine-in, spend the night bowling or roller skating, and take Polaroid photos to document the day!
  • See the stars. Spend the night stargazing. Find a good location near you, bring tons of soft blankets and spend time looking at the stars. Bonus points if you have a truck and can set up a little lounge in the bed of your truck.
    date ideas for valentine's day stars
  • Netflix & Chill. But not really. Plan the ultimate movie night! Make a movie line up and cozy up for the night. Plan an abundance of fun movie theater snacks like different Popcorn variations (helllloooo, Snickers popcorn), nachos and candies.
  • Take it To-Go. Get take out from one of your favorite restaurants or try something new. Find a great spot with a view to park your car and eat your meal with an amazing view (think overlooking a city or somewhere in nature to see a sunset). Pack blankets and pillows and come prepared with a movie downloaded on your laptop so you can have a low-budget cozy, destination date.
  • Show Your Wild Side. If you and your significant other are animal-lovers, spend the day surrounded by furry friends. Visit a zoo or aquarium or spend time at your local animal shelter. You can volunteer to walk dogs or socialize (aka play with) kittens. Just make sure to call before you go, depending on the shelter there may be an approval process before you can get hands on with the animals.

    date ideas for valentines day dogs
    Photo credit: Elisha Minnette Photography via BoredPanda.com
  • Get Away. There’s tons of amazing places to visit for Valentine’s Day around the world that is sure to spark up some romance, but if you don’t have the budget to spend a weekend jet-setting, considering spending a night in at a hotel nearby. It’s always nice to break away from the routine and just get out of the house. Spend a night in a hotel and stay in with takeout and movies.
  • Chill Out. Take advantage of winter! Spend the day snow tubing, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling or if its already snowy where you are simply get outside and build a snowman or have a snowball fight. If you have the budget to get away for a weekend full of winter activities, I recommend traveling to Vermont – even if you don’t ski or snowboard!

    date ideas for valentine's day snow
    Photo Credit: HerCampus.com
  • Laugh Out Loud. Find a local theater near you and go to a comedy show. Can’t find one? There’s tons of stand up comedians n Netflix that you can stay in and binge watch. After all, couples who laugh together stay together. 


What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

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Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

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