Brave, Selfless, Kind… Divergent

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I’m upset with myself for forgetting to write this post because if you know me, you know how obsessed I was with reading this series. I’m also not entirely sure why I’ve recently become really into books taking place in some sort of post-apocalyptic setting, but I’ve completely accepted it. The Divergent series was written by Veronica Roth and includes three novels and a prequel, Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, and Four. If you haven’t read Divergent or seen trailers for the movies, here’s what it’s all about.

The world is split into factions; different societies who prioritize different values. Beatrice was born into the faction Abnegation, where the people live simple and self-less lives. They’ve completely removed vanity from their lifestyles and dedicate their lives to helping others. At 16 years old, Beatrice and the rest of the world have to make a decision, to stay in the faction they were born into, or switch factions and never return.

Before the choosing ceremony, she’s subject to a test that determines which faction she is best suited for. However, her results are inconclusive- Beatrice is Divergent. She doesn’t belong to any one faction, instead has traits of them all. For reasons she can’t understand, her instructor tells her being Divergent is dangerous and she must lie about her results. Beatrice keeps this secret and joins the brave and reckless Dauntless faction, leaving her parents with an empty-nest after her brother chooses Erudite, Abnegation’s biggest rival. Erudite values knowledge and technology over anything else and believe the Abnegation to be corrupt.


When Beatrice joins the Dauntless, she reinvests herself as Tris and has to break from her reputation of being a “stiff” from Abnegation. Here, she finds out that in the brave faction, everything is a competition. If she doesn’t rank in the top of her group of Dauntless transfers, she will not be initiated into the faction; instead, she’ll be forced to live outside of society with the factionless.

She has to, literally, fight her way to the top, but luckily her teacher turned love interest is there to guide her along the way and teach her what it means to be Divergent in a society that believes them to be a risk to everything.


Divergent revolves around the theme of finding your own identity. Where does Tris really belong? With her family in Abnegation or among the free, the Dauntless? She struggles with her identity of what it means to be Divergent in a society that prioritizes categorizing people into factions. As she uncovers more and more about herself, she finds out things she could never imagine about her home.

The first book will get you completely hooked. There’s twist and turns at every corner and more often than not it will leave you with your mouth gaping open in shock. Things are never as they seem and everything you thought you knew unravels as the pages turn.


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