16 Of The Best Fall Hikes You Can Take Around The World

Aren’t you so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers? Fall is a great time to travel for many reasons  (Can you say cheaper flights and fewer crowds?) But traveling to new places in autumn, being greeted by mild temperatures and surrounded by landscapes filled with red and yellow changing leaves is nothing short of stunning. One way to is to get outside, get your hands shoes dirty and explore. If you’re looking for a place to visit this autumn where you can hit the great outdoors and enjoy all the beauty autumn has to offer across the world, look no further. I talked to travel bloggers from around the world to see where the best destinations to hike were.

16 Of The Best Fall Hikes You Can Take Around The World

Greenway del Lago di Como, Italy

best fall hikes around the world

This 10-km moderate trail will show you some of the best views of Lake Como, and what better time to observe them than when the lush green hills are shifting to gold and the Alpine foothills are experiencing their first dustings of snow? The natural beauty of the trail competes only with the most exquisite man-made beauty, as the trail takes you past some of the Lake’s most gorgeous villas and charming churches.
– Nicole Trillivas, Author of Girls Who Travel

Whistler, Canada

best fall hikes around the world
Whistler, CA is mostly known for skiing/snowboarding during the winter season, but I think a trip in the fall is just as great if not better if you’re into hiking. I believe Whistler has some of the best hiking trails in British Colombia, with some of the most beautiful lakes, Green Lake, Harmony Lake and Cheakamus Lake. There’s nothing worse than hiking trails heavily trafficked by other hikers, which is why hiking in the fall is quieter, great weather and no wait for pictures at popular sites. The forests are full of color, beautiful clear waters and best of all, it’s bear season.
–  Welile Vilane, www.Welile.com 

Puy Pariou, France

best fall hikes around the world

One the most perfect hikes I’ve come across in my travels was the Puy Pariou volcano in the Auvergne region of France. It’s not too steep, making it the perfect hike for all ages and endurance levels. The trees provided shade from the light rain and seemed to almost form an arch up the pathway to the top. The rustling dead grass underfoot reminded us that we were in nature’s domain. And when we reached the top, the view both into the volcano and the rockets streaking across the sky over the next town was perfect.
– Abby, The Winged Fork

The Canyon of Waterfalls, Bulgaria

best fall hikes around the world
The Canyon of Waterfalls is a trail in the heart of the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains where you can breathe crystal clear air, walk across shaky bridges, climb wooden ladders and feel the refreshing spray from waterfalls big and small. Pack your lunch and have a perfect picnic in the fairy-tale atmosphere of the forest this autumn. 

Thale, Harz Mountains, Germany

best fall hikes around the world
With majestic views of villages tucked in the middle of the abrupt walls of the mountains, the Harz Mountains is a perfect destination for both the middle-level solo hiker or the family in search of a one-day getaway. In particular, the village of Thale, situated in the middle of a river gorge, offers access to the cable car to the top, accessible pathways, and several cabin stops. A center of witchcraft in the Middle Ages, its beauty inspired German writers and philosophers as Goethe, Heine and Herder. Autumn has its own foliage show to offer, when the forests are changing the colour of their clothes every day, in a race against time before the snow is covering everything with a thick white blanket.
– Ilana D. Weissz, Ilana Travels 

Glencoe, Scotland

best hikes around the world
Glencoe in Scotland is a particularly remarkable place to hike in the fall, with a variety of scenic low-level trails and challenging mountain climbs. The landscape gives off a warm, rustic glow and the dramatic waterfalls are often in full flow. The roar from rutting red deer stags eerily echoes around the glen and the masses of summer tour buses have disappeared. The fall is not only one of the most beautiful times of year to hike in Glencoe, but also one of the best times for finding a deserted spot in the atmospheric part of Scotland.
– Susanne Arbuckle, Adventures Around Scotland 

Vatnajolull National Park, Iceland

best fall hikes around the world Svartifoss
While Iceland has very few trees, the shrubs and bushes take on a gorgeous color in autumn. Take a hike on the gorgeous Skaftafell Glacier in Vatnajokull National Park. It is a fairly easy walk to the Svartifoss Waterfall with its gorgeous basalt pillars. And you may be rewarded with more than waterfalls… the northern lights may be visible in Iceland in fall.
– Jamie Italiane, The Daily Adventures of Me

Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve, New South Wales, Australia

best fall hikes New South Wales,

Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve is an uncommonly beautiful area for a hike in fall. Hundreds of deciduous trees act as a colourful backdrop against the dramatic limestone caves and cliffs which dominate this area. Several hikes on formed paths are available to walkers and are populated with quiet native wildlife including wallabies, kangaroos, and lyrebirds. There is no entry fee to the park, although, for those wishing to explore the three major caves, tickets can be bought from the on-site visitors’ centre.
– Barbara Bryan, Let’s Go Mum

White Mountains, New Hampshire

best fall hikes around the world new hampshire

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are famous for their fall foliage. There are hikes for all skill levels, many ending in beautiful waterfalls. One of my favorites is the moderately stressful hike to the AT Hut and marsh at Lonesome Lake. Check out 5 Scenic Family Hikes In New Hampshire’s White Mountains for specifics.
– Jamie Italiane, The Daily Adventures of Me

Herzogstand, Munich

best fall hikes around the world
Bavaria has a lot of beautiful hikes but one of my favourites is Herzogstand at Kochelsee, just over an hour away from Munich. Most of the hike is pretty steep and there’s not much shade, which makes it the perfect hike for pleasant, mild autumn weather. And if you don’t feel like walking all the way down again, you can just take the gondola!
– Lisa Krüger-Franke, Anywhere’s Perfect

Saxon Switzerland, Germany

best fall hikes saxon switzerland

Saxon Switzerland is the German part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and offers wonderful hiking trails with spectacular views of bizarre rock formations as well as the famous Bastei Bridge. Very popular in summer, the region is a secret in fall, when you can enjoy colorful leaves and magical fog above the river Elbe. Start by cruising the Elbe river, hike up to the bridge and end your day soaking in the hot water of the regional thermal bath.
– Isa, of penguins and elephants

Meteora, Greece

best fall hikes meteora

Experiencing the majesty of the Meteora landscape in central Greece is pretty incredible year round, but actually witnessing it as the leaves change is truly awe-inspiring. Hiking your way up from the nearby towns takes you through plenty of gorgeous forests, plus the views from the monasteries and rocky cliffs aren’t half bad either. Ideal for multiple day-hikes, hiking Meteora mixes some quality outdoor time with important cultural and geological landmarks.
– David Johnson, Travelsewhere

Blue Mountain, Adirondacks, New York

best fall hikes around the world Adirondacks

How about an incredible view of fall foliage from above? Hike the Adirondacks’ Blue Mountain, where you’ll be rewarded with an awe-inspiring vantage point from an old fire tower at the summit. This moderately difficult hike is about four miles round-trip, with an exciting combination of terrain, including some steep stretches of boulders. The trail leads you through dense forest until almost at the top, when you can finally glimpse the scenery below, making it that much more satisfying to reach the peak.
– Adrienne, Adri En Route 

Ashridge Estate, United Kingdom

best fall hikes around the world
 Ashridge Estate is the perfect place for an autumn walk. This is the time for “one of nature’s most spectacular sites,” the autumn deer rut, and the estate organises free deer watching tours. The estate is also home to some other spectacular wildlife such as woodpeckers, kestrels, red kites and nuthatch. If you would like to see some stunning autumn colours you could have a walk at Ivinghoe Beacon. From the top, you’ll enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding area, including Pitstone windmill and the chalk lion on the Whipsnade hill.
– Enikő Krix, Travel Hacker Girl 

Vancouver, Canada 

best fall hikes around the world vancouver

Most fall hikes focus on places with beautiful maple trees changing colour. If you want something different, head to Frosty Mountain near Vancouver, Canada. This 18km/11 mile hike is home to some of the rarest (and coolest!) trees: the alpine larches. These hardy trees can be thousands of years old and only live at high elevations that get lots of snow in the winter. They are a coniferous tree but they behave like a deciduous one: In the fall their green needles turn a brilliant gold before dropping off! There’s a short 3-week window in late September and early October to catch them changing colour so make sure you don’t miss it.
Taryn, Happiest Outdoors

Mount Healy, Denali, Alaska

best fall hikes denali

Fall is a special place in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska and nowhere is that more evident than at the summit of Mount Healy.  Mount Healy is a 2.7 mile one-way (or 4.4 miles round trip depending on which park service map you use) hike.  As you accent from the valley floor, you pass thru the golds of the aspen trees and into the reds of the willow.  At the summit, you are met with an outstanding view of park’s front country.
– Jennifer Melroy, Made All The Difference 


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Autumn means time to enjoy the changing colors and mild temperatures. What better way that with an autumn hike? Check out these 16 places travel bloggers recommend for a fall hike around the world.

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