All the Autumn Essentials This Season


Don’t you just love autumn? The falling leaves, the crisp smell of coldness in the air, pumpkin-flavored everything and apple smelling candles… I could go on and on. For most of my life I was a never-ending advocate for summer, but as I got older I’ve realized while the cold still isn’t my favorite thing in the world, there’s something special in the air in autumn.
There are a tons of things I think of when I think of autumn, but there are a few things I think are absolutely essential for this season.

Flavored Candles

best-autumn-candles autumn essentialsI cannot live without a scented candle for autumn. Every October I find myself spending an abundance of time in Yankee Candle, smelling each and every apple-scented candle they have to offer, desperately trying to differentiate the smells and imagine which scent I’d like best around my room every evening. This year, I went with Carmel Apple Cake and Apple Spice and I couldn’t be happier with my selections.


best autumn essential flannelsBecause really, who can live without a flannel in fall? If it’s not apparent, I all but live in flannels all season long. I’ve started a large collection of comfy flannels for fall nights, but this year the bright flannel with orangey and red hues from Old Navy is my absolute favorite autumn essential this year.

Cozy, Creative Decor

best-autumn-decor autumn essentialsI love rustic-styled decor for my home and even my cubicle at work. Lucky for me, I know a great Etsy shop owner who makes the cutest custom wooden signs for the home. There’s nothing like a personal touch to your home or apartment, especially for the fall. Check out more amazing options from Ollie Dog Designs.

Flavored Tea

caramel-vanilla-chai autumn essentialsWhile pumpkin spice is all the rage and I’m definitely guilty of indulging in a latte or two during the fall season, nothing puts me in the fall spirit like delicious flavored tea. Snuggling up at night with a warm mug makes me happy as can be all season long. This Tazo Chai Tea Vanilla Caramel tea is a delicious fall treat without the excess sweetness many pumpkin drinks have.


booties-autumn essentialsI’ve always loved tall boots during the fall and winter, mostly because I can wear fuzzy socks inside them. But this season as I venture into adulthood and dive head first into a new workplace wardrobe, booties are absolutely essential to tie together a fall outfit. I recently got a casual pair from Old Navy this season and another more dressy pair from Charlotte Russe.

Autumnal Nail Polish. 

essie-fall-nail-polishMore than any other month, I feel like it’s completely necessary to have your nails painted this season. While I typically go with the Elf brand for super-affordable nail polish colors, Essie’s line this season is a must-have for fall. I’m loving their Merino Cool brown/gray hue!

Oversized Scarves

old-navy-scarfSometimes you leave the house and it’s sunny and comfortably warm, but when you’re out late and the temperature starts to drop you might not always be prepared. With an oversized scarf, you can be prepared for those chilly nights.

Ready to Bake Pillsbury Cookies

fall-festive-cookies autumn essentialsNow, in my book these are perfect for every season, but nothing says Halloween like these cutie little pumpkins on a delicious sugar cookie. I can’t resist but to eat all of these in one sitting, so I’ll be blessing kitchen at my office with these cookies this month.

Leave-In Conditioner

perfectly-posh-leave-in-conditioner-fallAs it gets colder out, your hair and skin can take a serious hit. My hair always tends to be dry and frizzy as the season pushes on. I love the Offshore Restore hair mask by Perfectly Posh to add back the moisture my hair desperately needs in autumn.

What are your autumn must-haves this year? 

all the autumn essentials this season

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