An Honest Review of my Honest Company Bundles


I started a subscription to the Honest Company a few months ago as a way to make more of an effort to get into an all natural beauty routine. I was really excited to see my box arrive in the just about the cutest packaging! (Cat-approved, as well.)

HonestCompany Packaging

The first thing to note is that the Honest Company offers a few different options for customizing bundles. The first is the Essentials Bundle, which was what I signed up for. It includes things for personal care essentials, like soap, lotions and shampoos. You can also receive bundles designated for your baby, either the Diapers and Wipes or Formula bundles. There’s also a Health and Wellness Bundle, which includes vitamins and supplements for a healthy lifestyle.

If you chose the essentials bundle like I did, your first order from the Honest Company includes 5 travel-sized products that only cost you the price of shipping (about $5). In this bundle, you receive a hand and body lotion, healing balm, hand soap, shampoo and body wash and multi-surface cleaner. This little preview was enough to get me to order my second bundle, which I had edited to include the full-size hand and body lotion, shampoo and body wash, a set of chap sticks, makeup wipes, and a bar of soap.

Honest Company Bundle

The Honest Company bundles cost about $36 a month, plus shipping, for five products. As you add more products to your bundle, the cost of each additional product goes down 25%. What I like the most about this monthly subscription service that is unlike others is that not only can you edit what goes into your bundle, you also have the ability to edit when your bundle will ship. So if this month you don’t need a bundle, you can go right in and edit the shipment date for up to 8 weeks away from the current date.

In this post, I’ll give you an honest review of what I thought of the products in my first two bundles.

Shampoo + Body Wash. I definitely like this shampoo and through some research I found that the ingredients in the product are great alternatives for some of the harmful chemicals found in traditional products. Cons: The scent- I’m not a fan of sweet vanilla orange. It smells just like a creamsicle and it’s too sweet for my liking. I also wish they sold the shampoos and conditioners in bigger bottles. I think I’ll be looking for some more options on non-toxic shampoo.

Healing Balm. Love it! It’s perfect as we get into the colder Jersey weather, my cracked hands and feet benefit from the balm big time. Cons: If oil isn’t your style, you may not be a fan. But what else would you expect in a healing balm?

Facial Towellettes. These guys have completely replaced my old makeup wipes. They remove all traces of makeup from my face and makes my face feel refreshed enough that when I’m extra tired, I’ll skip washing my face all together. Cons: None!

Organic Lip Balm Trio. Again, I can live without the sweet orange vanilla scent, but the lavender mint is lovely and the purely simple chap stick is unscented, which is a super nice change of pace. So far, I haven’t tried these on super chapped lips from the harsh winter, but it does go on silky and smooth on my lips, keeping them refreshed.

Face + Body Lotion. I’m super hesitant to put anything on my face because I have such sensitive skin! But this works great on my dry legs in the winter and keeps them smooth all day long. Cons: I wish they sold this in a bigger bottle.

Multi-Surface Cleaner. I tried this a few times and didn’t love it. It definitely cleaned my countertops, but it wasn’t my normal standard of clean. I haven’t dabbled into a more non-toxic route of cleaning products, so I’ll have to keep looking into this and compare it more. But as for now, I’ll be skipping this in my next bundle.

The reason I turned to the Honest Company was because of their guarantee to use the purest and most unaltered ingredients in their products and the fact that they do not test on animals (which is really important to me). What I especially love about the brand is their transparency and their desire to educate others on the ingredients they use in their products. While they have come under fire a few times in the media, I think the mission of the Honest Company is really important! They’re actively working to bring awareness to the fact that harsh and harmful chemicals are in nearly all of our bath and beauty products, which I think is great is a great message to push out in order to make a change.

Have you tried the Honest Company yet? What are your favorite products?

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