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Welcome to my recipe box! As much as I believe in aiming to be healthy, I think it’s good to indulge every now and then and treat yourself to something delicious. Cooking is an art, as it is portrayed through many different competitions and reality shows on TV. At this point in my life, I have just graduated college and was thrown into the real world (but what the really means these days is ‘moved back home’). I think learning how to cook is an underrated skill, and as I get older I want to learn how to cook not only to feed myself and others, but to learn to create best and nutritious meals. Food is a social phenomenon in our society, as we meet for coffee, brunch, dinner, you name it, with others. There’s value in creating delicious meals, and even more in enjoying it!

I’ll leave this disclaimer before starting this section of my blog: I have a huge sweet tooth and I don’t eat meat. When I started the blog, I had started eating chicken again but have since gone back to an all vegetarian diet. So some recipes include chicken in my earlier posts, but any new recipes added will be void of meat!

Journey into my kitchen as I try and create new nutritious and indulgent meals, without catching anything on fire (here’s hoping).

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