A Bump In The Road

I realized something pretty upsetting recently which has me in a serious running slump. I haven’t gone on a good run since before Spring Break nearly two weeks ago! I realized I have a scheduling conflict the day of the NYC Half Marathon I have been training for.


Although this is upsetting, I originally vowed to stick with my training and finish out strong and continue training until I find another half marathon to run. However, once Spring Break was over, my motivation was seriously lacking. I started small and used the elliptical a few days to try and get back in the flow of going to the gym. However, yesterday was the first day I got back on the treadmill at the gym.

At first I was very disheartened. This may seem odd (I definitely think it is!) but after I skip workout for a while, when I try and run again, my legs get itchy. And I mean excruciatingly, have-to-stop-running-now-or-I’ll-die, itchy. If you have experienced this ever, please leave a comment below so I know I’m not alone! I used to think it was because I was dehydrated, but after several frustrating times this happened I began to research it more.

What I found? Well first, I didn’t make this up and I’m not completely crazy (in regards to the itchy legs, at least). Second, it actually has to do with being active again after being inactive for awhile. When your inactive, the capillaries in your muscles collapse. When you run and expand the blood flow within them, the surrounding nerves send messages to your brains that is interpreted as an itch-sensation.

When I went to the gym yesterday, I was so disappointed to find the extreme have-to-stop-running-now-or-I’ll-die itchy legs, forcing me to alternate four miles between running and using the elliptical. It was a disappointing start to getting out of my rut.

The good news was today was a beautiful day we haven’t seen here in New Jersey for quite awhile now. Fifty-some degrees and sunny, I went on my first real run this afternoon and was happy to say that I had no itchy legs and an awesome adventure.


I took a new route along a pathway of a lake near my house. I took it around until I didn’t know where I was anymore. I somehow navigated my way to Ocean Avenue, which works like the North Star in my town. Finally with some sense of direction, I explored new parts of Ocean Avenue I never saw before.


Getting lost and taking an adventure on my first real run back really helped me get out of my rut. Although I’m a little off schedule now with my training, I’m working on getting back into it by next week. It took me a little longer to run five miles than it should have at this point in my training, but that’s okay. Although I hit a bump in the road, I had my own adventure and leaped over it.

Always make the best of all the bumps in the road along the way and have your own adventure. It’s not always about the destination, but about the journey. 


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