5 Tips for Starting An At-Home Yoga Practice

Picture courtesy of Mind Body Green
Picture courtesy of Mind Body Green

As I mentioned previously, I found Yoga with Adriene to be a really great YouTube channel for me to start really getting in touch with yoga. Her sessions are relatively short (usually about 21-32 minutes in length average), which are easy to fit into a busy schedule. Her channel is split into may sections, such as “Yoga For Beginners,” “Yoga for Weight Loss,” and “Yoga for Healing.”

I like Adriene’s yoga sessions because she is informative but understands her audience comes from different backgrounds. She isn’t intimidatingly advanced and really talks about how you have to know your body. She encourages variations of poses based on what feels good for your body.

One of the greatest reasons I like Yoga with Adriene is because I can do it in the comfort of my home! I can set my alarm 30 minutes early one morning and pop up her sessions and begin my own practice alone.

After some research, I’ve created some tips to perfect your at home practice.

1. Find a perfect place. Find a spot in your house that feels the most comfortable where you can feel the most at peace. This place may be in your own room, or a light and calming living room (as long as you don’t have people coming in and out interrupting your practice.) Find the right place for you, and use that same spot to continue your practice.

2. Have a ritual. Now, I don’t mean light every candle in your house and summon the spirits (unless you’re into that, then more power to ya!). What I mean, is start and end your practice the same way. Separate yoga time from home time, even though you’re practicing yoga at home. Do this with some sort of “ritual.’ Maybe its lighting a calming candle to begin your practice to set apart your yoga session from the rest of the day. Maybe play some calming music while you practice. Find whatever works for you and do it each time you practice.

3. Don’t be on the clock. It’s important to do yoga as a way to find a balance and calmness to your day. It’s more than just your weekly run when you’re counting down the minutes til it’s over (been there!). If you’re timing your yoga practice on the same clock dinner’s baking in the oven, you won’t be able to fully immerse yourself in the practice. Instead, your focus will be elsewhere and you will keep the stressed out, rushed feeling all day. Make sure you give yourself enough time for your practice so that when it comes time, you can completely lose yourself in the practice.

4. Be careful. Without an instructor in person, there’s no one there to tell you your posture is off or your making yourself prone to injury. Make sure you keep your body’s limit in mind as you practice. If you are a beginner like me, it’s important to take the moderate versions of the poses instead of getting injured trying to push yourself. Those poses will come with time, so just take it easy for now until you get the form down!

5.  Do it regularly. Since there are hundreds of yoga sessions that can be found online (check out my Pinterest board to find some), there should be really no excuse to skip your practice! Since you don’t have to worry about being late to class or the road conditions in bad weather, make a schedule to practice and stick to it!

Beginning your practice at home can be a great way to ease yourself into it and get the confidence to attend a class! No matter where you practice, remember the essentials: breathing, intentions, and the connection to the physical world.

Leave a comment on how you practice yoga at home!

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips for Starting An At-Home Yoga Practice”

  • I lock myself in my partner and I’s bedroom and do it for about 20-30 minutes. I miss classes – but Rachel Brathen (my favourite yogini) just came out with online classes so now I never have to go to a class again! muahah!

  • Thank you for the recommendation! I have been looking on YouTube for some at home yoga videos but haven’t found anything I like. I will be sure to look at Yoga with Adriene. I think the short sessions will fit into my lifestyle as I feel like I’m constantly trying to balance my job as a teacher, cleaning, cooking, etc.

    • Erin Leigh Ever After · Edit

      Definitely! She even has playlists of videos by how long they are (for example: 15 minute practices, 30 minute practices, etc.). So helpful to squeeze it in! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  • I absolutely love Yoga with Adrienne. She is a well rounded instructor. I have completed her 30 day challenge twice. Recently I started Kino Yoga. She is a little more intense, but you are left feeling great. You should add her to your Youtube playlist!

    • Erin Leigh Ever After · Edit

      I totally agree! That’s great you’ve completed it twice. I’m still yet to complete it LOL! I will definitely check out Kino Yoga. Thanks for the comment 🙂


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