5 Things Not To Miss In Corolla, OBX


I spent my summer vacation this year inside a postcard. At least, that’s what it felt like. As someone who spent four years at a shore way north of North Carolina, I was really excited to be heading out of my home state of New Jersey and eight hours south to the beautiful Outerbanks.

I’d never been to the Outerbanks, or even North Carolina for that fact, until 2016. I was blown away by how much more peaceful and relaxed the beach town was compared to any other beach I’ve ever been to. It was unbelievably hot outside, but a short walk to the beach or a step outside to the pool was absolutely perfect.

The Outerbanks is quite large, but the quaint town of Corolla is a perfect stop among one of the most northern towns on the peninsula. If you’re heading down to Corolla, North Carolina for a coastal getaway, make sure you don’t miss these 5 things that can help make a truly unforgettable vacation.

5 Things Not To Miss In Corolla, OBX

See the Wild Horses


I would highly recommend Stu from Wild Horse Adventure Tours, but no matter how you choose to see them, make sure you get a chance to see the famous wild horses of the North Carolina beaches. Adventure Tours, located in Corolla, takes you and a group out on a Hummer up through the Wild Horse Sanctuary area of the beaches. They go out twice during the day – in the morning or at dusk. Taking the tour in the evening was absolutely stunning, all the photos came out gorgeous with beautiful pink skies in the background. Not only is the tour tons of fun, but I actually learned a lot about the history of wild horses and the island. Pro Tip: Be sure to wear sunglasses – even at night! The Hummer speeds down the beach “roads” and the sand can get really aggressive as you race down the shore.

Rent A Wave Runner


Add a little thrill into an otherwise relaxing vacation. Most places allow you to rent wave runners for a half hour, forty-five minutes or an hour. We stuck with a half hour and it was so much fun! The area marked off for the wave runners is really big, so there’s plenty of space to explore.

Walk The Duck Boardwalk At Sunset


The town of Duck gives off a really small-town, relaxed vibe. The Duck Town Park is 11 acres and includes a gorgeous boardwalk on and around the sound. From the boardwalk, you can walk down to the strip of shops and dining, or you can head to the ramp out on the sound to kayak. You can also fish and crab on the boardwalk, with a permit of course.

Get Your Feet Sandy On The Beach


The beaches in the Outerbanks are like no other beach if I’ve ever been to. On the hot July days we spent at the beach, the water was so refreshing and pleasant. Compared to the shores I’m used to, the beaches were nearly clear of people, rather than sitting practically on top of one another. This definitely makes my list of favorite beaches of all time.

Reach The Top Of The Currituck Lighthouse


The Currituck Lighthouse was built 140 years ago and reaches 162 feet in height. You can climb up to 220 steps to the top and see the exquisite views of the Corolla landscape. The impressive brick lighthouse is perfect for photos, too. Not to mention, the historic village surrounding is great for exploring.

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Where would you recommend checking out while vacationing in the Outerbanks? 

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