23 Reasons Why Being 23 Rocks

I’m not sure why Blink 182 decided that nobody likes you when you’re 23, but I’ve found countless reasons why being 23 is actually great. In fact, most of post-grad life isn’t as awful as it seems. If you’re a terrified new graduate and don’t know what to do next, trust me, I’ve been there. But give it time, because in just a year you can find that life after college is actually kind of awesome.

I’ve spent a full year now in adulthood and I’m now closer to 25 than 21, which seems really weird. The time truly went by too fast, but I already think 23 is going to be full of even more awesome adventures.

Here are 23 reasons why being 23 is one of the most exciting and rewarding ages there is as told by the greatest show around, New Girl. 

  1. You’re still young enough to make mistakes (and will make plenty of them).newgirl-mistakes.gif
  2. Little things start to mean more to you. Watching the sunset at night, redeeming your rewards points at Starbucks, coming home to your mom making cookies after a hard day…
  3. You still have friends in college so you have an excuse to visit and go out with old friends.
  4. You also have friends who have really have this adulting thing down, having completely started their lives (careers, husbands, babies… the whole 9 yards). Spending time with them reminds you of how far you’ve come, how much you want to accomplish, and you’ll get valuable insight and lessons from their experiences. Plus, a day with them leaves you feeling extra adult-like. newgirl-marry.gif
  5. It’s not too late for a new start. You can go back to school, change your job, make a big move, without having to answer to anyone.
  6. Not to mention, you won’t stick out like a sore thumb if you want to take another college class that you didn’t get to fit into your major’s curriculum.
  7. You’re newly independent and no longer have to follow strict, adolescent rules your parents had for you in high school. Instead, you can make your own.newgirl-rules.gif
  8. You can still binge watch Netflix without any interruptions, like nagging kids or homework.
  9. Fashion and beauty risks are totally acceptable. You can do whatever makes you feel good. newgirl-fashion.jpg
  10. You can be selfish and focus on yourself.
  11. You live at home so saving money is a lot easier than it was in college. Although you have mail every month reminding you just how much that degree cost you, you still don’t have the college expenses you’ve grown accustom to, like overpriced student center food and required books, parking tickets, the expenses of bar life, etc. newgirl-money.gif
  12. You have friends living in a bunch of different places, giving you endless opportunities to visit new places and see new things.
  13. Along with this, you’ll find out who your true friends are. Being in all different places with completely different schedules will really show you who is willing to make time for you and who isn’t. Hold on to those who do. newgirl-friends.gif
  14. You don’t have to study things that feel like they have no relevancy in your life anymore.
  15. Brunch is a new staple in your diet… and it’s wonderful.
  16. You don’t feel guilty using up all your vacation days. (And you shouldn’t!)newgirl-travel.gif
  17. You either have a full time job or have the time to pick up extra shifts at a part time job while you’re home and figuring out what your next career move is. That means more money to buy the things you actually want and not depend on any one else.newgirl-rich.gif
  18. You don’t have anyone but yourself to explain any unexpected splurges too, either.
  19. Not knowing what comes next is a scary, but very exciting time, and figuring out your next move knowing there are endless possibilities is exhilarating.
  20. You find out what you’re really passionate about. (For me, that includes running, reading and cooking.)newgirl-singing.gif
  21. “Claiming your twenties is one of the simplest, yet most transformative things you can do for work, for love, for your happiness, maybe even for the world.” — Meg Jay (Please do yourself  a favor and watch her TedTalk, “Why 30 is not the new 20“)
  22. It’s the ultimate time of learning and growth. All of these things give you time to learn from your mistakes, figure out your passions and use that all to grow as a person.
  23. But most of all there’s nothing stopping you from fulfilling all your dreams.newgirl-ouryer.gif

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