20 Things To Do In Quarantine That Don’t Include Banana Bread

banana bread

We have more time than we know what to do with right now thanks to covid-19. Being in quarantine has brought about the weirdest mix of emotions. There’s uncertainty for sure in the way of the world right now – having to wear gloves at the supermarket and masks just to walk the dog – it’s all so unsettling. I won’t even get into how horrific this virus is that’s taking the lives of so many people.

I’m not sure how everyone is feeling right now, but for me personally, every day is different. Some days I wake up early, go for a run, make a big breakfast, tackle a chore, do a full skincare routine and face of makeup all before work. These days I feel grateful for the extra time. Some days, I find myself hunched over my computer at 7PM still in my pajamas having not yet brushed my teeth. These days are overwhelming and stressful, as work piles on and no end in sight.

Something else I’m dealing with is guilt. Like I have extra time and I should be doing more with it, right? It feels like I’m failing because I’m not learning a new language or redecorating my apartment. So I’ve been trying to think of small things to do that will help me feel accomplished but aren’t completely insane and unrealistic –and don’t involve baking. (I’m already 2 banana beads, 1 angel food cake, and countless cookies deep).

20 { Small } Things To Tackle During Quarantine

  1. Clear your inbox. Unsubscribe to emails you don’t want to receive any more and get your inbox down to zero.
  2. Back up your photos. If you don’t have a Google Photos or iCloud account, get one and make sure all your photos saved.
  3. Delete your old Facebook photos. Speaking of photos, Facebook Memories are here every day to remind me of the absolute garbage I posted in 2013. Save the ones you want for the memories and delete them from Facebook. And then hey! back them up to your new Google Photos account.
  4. Start an expense tracker. You can’t deny you’re saving money right now. But it’s good to know what you usually spend the most on. Create an excel and go through your past statements and see where you can cut back once life as “normal” routines.
  5. Grow some herbs. You can get a lot of planting kits online and delivered. Try making your own basil, cilantro and mint and you’ll never run out when you’re cooking.
  6. Marie Kondo your wardrobe. If it doesn’t give you joy, it’s out! Make sure you donate whatever you can!
  7. Wash your makeup brushes. Most of the time you can simply use your hair shampoo to clean up your brushes.
  8. Learn to contour. After this, there’s no reason for anyone to say they don’t know how to do their makeup. (I mean, I still probably will, but it will no longer be valid).
  9. Volunteer. You can drop off food at local shelters or look online for virtual opportunities like writing cards to hospital patients.
  10. Organize your Tupperware. It’s time to find out where all those lids went! Throw away anything that doesn’t match.
  11. Match all your socks. Say goodbye to mismatched socks.
  12. Clean your shoes. Get some shoe cleaner off of Amazon and give your booties a scrub.
  13. Scan your own files and bills. Create digital copies of your bills and paperwork to keep on file. Then clear out your files to save space and clutter.
  14. Send cards in the mail. Give your friends and family something to smile at during all this with a nice handwritten card.
  15. Upgrade your drawers. You can get drawer lining paper online and spend the day making your dressers looking better than ever.
  16. Make a photo album. I love using Shutterfly to make photo albums after trips and for my family as presents. You can make calendars, memory books, magnets, you name it. It can definitely become time-consuming but hey, we have some time to spare.
  17. Clan out your purse. Get the gum wrappers, lipstick caps and gunk out of your purse. Don’t forget to clean out your makeup bag while you’re at it.
  18. Wash your jackets. When was the last time you put your jacket through the wash? Now is as good a time as any.
  19. Make a T-Shirt blanket. Okay, this one you may need help with. But gather your old college and sorority t-shirts and send them out to make a t-shirt blanket.
  20. Clean out your fridge. Go through all of your condiments and check the dates! I know you’re guilty of keeping some salad dressings just a little too long.


What are you doing to pass the time in quarantine? 


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